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A SAVVY woman has revealed how she raked in £23k in just two weeks with her Etsy shop – and a few tips that could help you cash in without the years of trial and error.

Lauren, better known to her fans as The Small Biz Sis, took to TikTok where she explained more about her business on Etsy and why your side hustle might not be making any sales.

According to the money whizz, she had recently realised that between the months of July and August she had worked a mere two weeks.

But despite this, she claimed in the video, Lauren had raked in a staggering £23,681 in 14 days – whereas the average salary in the UK, AV Trinity reported, is around £33,402 annually.

''But that is not the full story because you might be looking at that thinking 'That's amazing. How do you manage to do that in such a short period of time?'.''

Indeed, whilst the huge sum might seem like a great deal, Lauren went on to reveal that it's a result of trial and error over the years – and the business took a while to really kick off.

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She went on: ''I've been selling on Etsy since 2015 and I only really started to make consistent daily sales back in 2021.

''It took me years and years to get to this point.

''So the main message I want you to take away from this is it is absolutely possibly to make this kind of money on Etsy with very little work.

''However, you have got to put in the hours in and you have to got to put the work in upfront to get to this point.''

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According to the pro, ''it's not an easy win'' when working on Etsy and things will take time – and here, showing up is a key aspect to success.

''But I promise you, if you put the time and effort in to learn how the algorithm works, learn how you know to convert your customers, learn about your own customers, then you will get results.''

Not making sales? Here's why

Lauren has also listed a few reasons why side hustle fans are not raking in with their Etsy business – and one of them is giving your customers a reason to be buying from you rather than the other million sellers on the platform.

''You need a standout selling factor, be it unbeatable designs, unbeatable prices, really unique craftsmanship.''

Number two, she went on, is ''your messaging is not aligning with your customer''.

''You need to know your ideal customer inside and out, so that you can speak directly to them.

''Show them that you have made your product specifically for them.''

When advertising your products, Lauren also urged people to be careful with the wording in the description – and knowing what keywords work is essential.

''Etsy is looking for a match of what keywords that customer is searching for, so you need to be matching to that.''

The fourth tip, the whizz told her followers on the platform, is creating the right atmosphere for potential buyers.

She said: ''Your images and your copy need to immerse your customer into your brand.

''You really need to be describing them through words and through images in your listing and in your photos.''

Just as crucial is the fifth reason – not creating FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out.

''People think of FOMO as low stock, low quantities […] and those elements are great.

''But you can create this in a much deeper way if you nail your messaging, if you nail the way you are communicating with your customer.

''Over-deliver on your services and get great reviews from your customers.

''This will do two things – it will make your existing customers wanna buy again from you and it will make new customers left with no doubt whatsoever that you are the right shop for them.''



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Lauren added in the caption: ''Then, surprise & delight your customers by going above and beyond for them.

''Do this… and the reviews that you’ll generate will sell your products for you.''

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