I made chocolate-chip cookies in an oven, air fryer, and microwave – there was a clear winner which will surprise you | The Sun

MANY people love the comforting feel of baking a batch of delicious cookies at home and tucking up to eat them.

And one woman decided to go on a quest to find the tastiest method – and compared how they fared when she used her oven, air fryer and microwave.

Carolina Gazal documented her vital findings on Insider, and the verdict may surprise you.

To make things easier, she bought pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough mix for the job and decided to do the oven method first.

Of course, the cookies were scrumptious.

She said: “Though I'd only ever made cookies in the oven, I was still shocked at how perfect these treats were. They were soft and gooey on the inside with a crispy layer on the outside.”

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She added that the ratio of melted chocolate to crispy outer layer was “heavenly”, and she loved the flat, thinner chocolate-chip cookies it created.

Then she whipped out her air fryer, and was a bit gutted that she was limited to making just four cookies.

She added the same amount of initial cookie dough into the machine and cooked them for 10 minutes at 350F.

The finished result was a huge success.

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She described them as “chunky, golden, and ready to eat”, and said: “though I typically prefer flat, thin cookies, these chunkier, crispier, more crumbly ones became my new favourite.”

Finally she tried the microwave method, and was worried about over – or under – cooking the mixture.

She did it in one-minute intervals and ended up leaving them in for three minutes in total.

Carolina was not a huge fan, saying: “Out of the three batches, these were the least appetising cookies to look at. They looked gooey, but not in a good way.

“The microwaved cookies were terrible so I wouldn't recommend trying this baking method.” Even after an hour of cooling, they still felt gooey and chewy, like undercooked dough.”

So what was her top choice?

Carolina said: “Though I've always loved using an oven to bake cookies, the air fryer made the crispiest chocolate-chip treat. The golden-brown dessert stayed warm but crunchy with the perfect amount of melted chocolate.”

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