I put on a new jumpsuit for my work meeting – I didn't realize my embarrassing wardrobe fail until halfway through | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL woman's work meeting will forever be remembered.

But it will be seared into her memory for all the wrong reasons.

And it will be thanks to her embarrassing wardrobe fail that she was powerless to anticipate.

One thing is certain: it is a business meeting she would rather forget.

Up to the point of discovery, she was oblivious to this impending fashion disaster.

She was halfway through her work meeting before she realized all was not well.

Something was not quite right with her new jumpsuit.

It was a position from which she was always going to struggle to pull back.

Jordan Reynolds' (@joshealthylife) face was a picture of woeful awkwardness.

Most times, this lady, who has 120,000 followers on her TikTok, has it all going on, barely missing a beat.

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She is a nutritionist and has over 12 years in the fitness industry.

In her post, she posed with a look of mortification written all over her face.

“When you put on a new jumpsuit for a meeting today and realize halfway through that you missed a button," she said.

“Welcome to hotmess TikTok," she despaired.

"Why does this happen?" she complained. But she was able to to see the funny side of her jumpsuit malfunction – eventually.

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