I want you to see my dog, not smell it – the places I always clean, including a chore people don't want to hear | The Sun

A DOG owner has revealed the secret to keeping your house smelling fresh.

The TikToker (@leoandcocobean) uploaded a video sharing a selection of items that must be cleaned regularly to avoid the pet smell in your home.

She has gained almost 35,000 followers from her posts about training canines and sweet moments spent with her reactive dog Leo.

“If you want people to see your dog but not smell your dog, come clean my house with me and I’ll show you how I take care of it,” she said.

“First order of business are these dog beds. I know you guys just do not wash them enough, this should be washed once a week. They just hoard dog smell.

“Another area that I find I neglect sometimes is the dog bowl stand. Now the dog bowls should be washed every single day but what about that stand?

“Leo dribbles and spews on the wall. I don’t even know how he does it, so I always make sure to clean that off.”

Moving into the living room, she continued: “I love having a fabric couch, it’s just so easy but the reality is that these cushions will start to smell if you don’t keep them clean. 

“I wash the cushions probably two to three times a month.

"Make sure that you don’t put your couch cushions in the dryer, you should just hang them outside to dry if it’s a nice day or on a clothesline inside.

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“In between washes I always make sure it’s nice and vacuumed to get all of that dog hair and dander off of the fabric. 

“I have these treads on my stairs for the dog and I always make sure to vacuum them before I clean them.

“I put some of this baking soda that has deodorizer on them. 

“I’ve heard from some people that this can clog vacuums and I’ve never really had a problem, but I guess if you have a certain vacuum that might be prone to this clogging from baking soda just check that before you use this.

“I let that sit for about 15 minutes and then I just vacuum it up and the stair tread smells so much better. 

“Some people might not want to hear it but vacuum your dog’s hair every single day off the carpet. Because I have wall-to-wall carpeting on my second floor I use a Roomba.

“I just don’t have time to vacuum every single day and even if I have the time I don’t really want to do it.”

The dog lover went into the bedroom as she continued, saying: “If your dog sleeps on the bed with you, you can use a blanket for them to lay on which is easier to clean. But we wash our duvet and our sheets every Saturday.

"I also shampoo my carpets once or twice a month. Sometimes these are a bit of a splurge but I definitely find it worth it.

“Last but not least is making sure that you clean out the cabinet where you keep all of your dog’s food.

"Sometimes rogue kibbles or treats can fall in the back and those will start to rot over time and smell.

“Finally please make sure that you wash your dog, regular grooming will help immensely with keeping your house smelling fresh too.”

She added in the caption: “These aren’t the only things I clean – just some of the things I believe help keep the dog smell away.”

Viewers were delighted with the advice and many added to the list of cleaning solutions in the comments section.

One person wrote: “I shampoo the carpet every Friday, just not on the max setting. It lifts enough dirt/odor but dries quickly and smells fresh. Multidog home.”

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Another commented: “My top tip as someone with four dogs: replace your air filters monthly, get air purifiers, use KOE as an odor eliminator, and clean your vacuum filters!!”

A third added: “I put the carpet sprinkle stuff on my couch too! KOE for floors or cleaning the crate. And I’ve recently used pet pourri on curtains etc. in between cleans.”

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