I was left in tears by what my bikini did to my favorite pair of shorts when it got wet, it looks much ruder than it is | The Sun

A SWIMMER has been left mortified by what her wet bikini did to her favorite pair of shorts.

She was allowed to shed tears after the two-piece swimsuit made a mess all over her most treasured piece of clothing.

"My bikini stained my favorite pair of shorts," shared the fashionista behind @pluckybobcat.

She gave a peek of the light washed denim item that had indeed been left with noticeable pink stains in the back.

The TikToker was in utter shock over what had happened after the bikini got wet.

She explained that she would be right back after attempting to remove the unwanted spots.

"Brb while I go cry, will update if the stain comes out," she said.

The nail biting stain situation had many of her fans reeling.

"I would cry," said one empathetic follower.

"That happened to my white shorts too," another viewer could relate.

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"Dye them black," exclaimed more than one watcher.

All she could do was put a fist to her mouth as if to muffle the scream she wanted to let out.

"I'm mad," she reiterated.

Still, not all hope was lost as the stain looked ruder than it was.

"Period core," one follower surmised.

The story had a satisfying ending after all.

She was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief: "Update, the stain is out."

The bikini was finally back to looking brand new.

Though quite a few followers had assumed the bikini that behaved badly was from Shein, she explained that it was a buy from Triangl.

Most of the brands' rather pricey swimsuit apparel ranges from $60 to over $100.

According to the website mollysuds.com, the best way to remove unwanted stains on swimsuit material is to flush the area with cold water.

This is intended to let water flow from the inside out in order to push the stain out of the fabric instead of deeper into the fibers.

Dish soap was also recommended – just put it onto a sponge with warm water and gently sponge the stain.

This can be followed by rinsing in cool water and then immediately washing with regular laundry detergent.

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If the stain remains, mix a fresh solution and repeat, allowing it to soak longer. It may take several cycles to remove the stain. 

In a pinch, use fresh lemon juice and a layer of salt or baking soda. Let it dry for several hours and then repeat. 

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