I wondered why so many old people were staring at me on the beach – it made sense when I watched myself back on video | The Sun

A DAY at the beach left one sun worshipper wondering why she was getting so much attention.

She was baffled when she noticed she was getting lots of stares from older people.

But the answer became very clear when she watched herself back on video.

Then it was obvious why she was the object of fascination.

It shouldn't surprise Ren (@_m0thgal_) that she attracts onlookers.

She has a striking look but not everyone approves of this aesthetic.

But Ren, who has 80,000 followers, isn't about to change anytime soon.

She is pretty much covered from head to foot in body art.

On her TikTok she describes herself as: “The girl with the bug tattoos.”

In this post, she was enjoying a day on the beach under a blazing sun.

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She wore a pair of mirror shades, and a coral-colored two-piece, with a matching mini sarong.

“Wondering why all the old people are staring at me," she said.

Then the camera panned out and viewers got Ren in full shot.

Her tattoo art was on full display and it was impactful too.

But there was a lot of love for her ink art in the comments section of her post.

“So much beautiful art to look at," said one person.

Another admitted: “I’d be staring for inspiration.”

And this person was a big fan: “So cute.”

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