I’m 82 but people say I look 60 & it’s all thanks to my chilly skincare routine – it’s totally free too | The Sun

WE all want to age well, but often we just end up spending lots of our hard earned cashin a desperate bid to stop time.

However, one 82 year-old has revealed her secret to looking decades younger and amazingly, it will cost you nothing.

Whilst most people tend to avoid technology as they get older, Vera DiLeo, 82, has bucked the trend and even become an influencer on Tiktok.

Better known online as @nanastillgotit, this ‘young at heart’ woman shares snippets of her daily life, handy hacks and designer items from her vintage shop.

Though she might not have a huge following just yet, the content creator regularly gets thousands of views with everybody commenting on the same thing: her flawless skin.

In fact, most people assume that she is decades younger than she is.

On of her recent videos, one user even commented:and with one user even: “There’s no way you’re 80. You look 60 at the very oldest, what is your secret?!”

It would be easy to believe that Vera is spending thousands of dollars on skincare and tweakments, but the octogenarian insists it’s purely down to how she washes her face.

For those who also want to look as ageless as her, the content creator has shared her simple routine so you can all follow along.

Taking to Tiktok, the grandmother revealed that she is a big fan of Clinque and uses many of the brand’s bestsellers.

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These include the All about Clean Cleanser (£25), the Clarifying Lotion (£37) and the Exfoliating Scrub (£27).

Vera is also no stranger to serums as she also uses a little bit of the Skinceuticals Ferulic CE drops (£118.75) paired with the SkinCeuticals Hydrating Gel (£70).

Like many older women, her Olay eye cream (£22) is also another beauty essential with the influencer choosing one with added retinol – to improve the texture of her skin.

Despite this, the grandmother insists that washing her face with cold water is the key to her age defying skin.

In the caption, she even urged viewers to: “Always wash your face with cold water too!”

Though you might think this low cost beauty tip is an old wives tale, there is some science behind this hack.

According to skincare brand Kiehl’s, there are even multiple benefits to washing your face with cold water.

As well as boosting your circulation, the beauty experts claim that cold water tightens the appearance of your skin which can help make you look more refreshed.

Others seems convinced, with one saying that this was the skincare routine they needed: “Yes! This is the skincare routine we wanna know…not from those in 20s and 30s.”

Another even claimed that cold washes had even helped clear their blemishes, writing: “Thank you for sharing your secrets. I started washing my face with cold water about a year ago and my acne slowly vanished.”

However, some argued that the grandmother actually had another reason for not aging.   

“It’s her genes not the products. BUT a skin care routine IS important. No sun for her either,” complained a third.

In spite of they say online, we are more than happy to try her secret hack – especially if it makes this much of a difference.

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