I’m a 42G and didn’t think I could ever wear a corset because of my big boobs, but my $23 Amazon buy is a 10/10 | The Sun

A FASHION fan has shared her delight after finding a corset that accommodated her 42G-cups.

She thought she would never be able to find a style that fitted her big boobs.

But for this lady, her $22.99 Amazon buy was a definite 10/10.

“Look at this lovely corset that I have on," said Nirvana Horton (@nirvana.horton), a content creator who has dedicated her TikTok to "Amazon finds."

In this post, she was thrilled to find a corset that gave her generous chest ample support.

It was the Women’s Vintage Floral Denim corset for $22.99. It went up to a 6XL.

It was particularly pleasing because she thought it would never happen to her.

“I thought that as a person with very big boobs, I didn’t realize I could wear corsets," she said.

“I thought I wasn’t able to wear them, but I found this beautiful corset that works."

This corset wasn't just for diminutive members of the population.

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“This corset is a 4XL. There are strains in the back that will tighten it for you."

But she did need some assistance: “My friends did have to help put it back on when I went to the bathroom."

Her overall verdict was a glowing one: “Ten out of ten," she said.

Nirvana certainly convinced some commenters to bag their own.

“I definitely need to get that corset. It’s too cute," said one fan.

Reviewers on Amazon rated it highly too.

"The actual fit of this corset was perfect. I’m usually a large in tops but sized up to an XL because I read the mixed reviews.

"I will say when I first put it on, it didn’t fit but luckily it adjusts with the strings in the back and it fit perfectly."

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