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JUST as it seemed that summer was over, the mercury is once again hitting 30C across much of the UK.  

But while the gorgeous weather might be perfect for picnics in the park and evenings on the patio with a tipple, there’s one thing it’s certainly not helpful for – keeping your make-up in place. 

To help out, Hayley Walker – a qualified make-up artist with more than 20 years of experience – has put together a list of her essential tips to make sure you look flawless while enjoying the sunshine. 

Hayley is the resident beauty expert at JustMyLook, a website where you can quickly and easily pick up everything from make-up and skincare to fragrances and nails. 

“It’s safe to say the hot weather can lead to make-up meltdowns and hot messes,” Hayley explains, and without adapting your usual routine you can find your make-up “barely survives the morning commute”. 

Below are her favourite heatwave hacks to “save you time from having to constantly top up your look throughout the day”.

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Wait 15 minutes after applying your SPF

“Everybody should be wearing SPF daily to protect themselves from UV rays, regardless of the weather,” says Hayley, but when it’s as sunny as this it’s especially important. 

The key is to wait at least 15 minutes after applying your facial sunscreen before you start piling on your make-up base layer. 

Although it might mean hoping out of bed a few minutes earlier, it’s an absolute must, because applying your foundation straight on top of SPF could interfere with your skin absorbing it.

That means even if you’ve slapped on the sunscreen, you might not be fully protected from the strong UV rays, contributing in the short-run to sunburn, and in the long-run to premature wrinkling and ageing. 

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What’s more, if the oily sun cream isn’t given long enough to sink in, then your foundation might end up clinging to some areas of your face more than others. 

“This can lead to uneven coverage,” Hayley warns. 

Matte it out 

Usually, “a dewy base is a must-have make-up look”, says Hayley – think of the obsession with Hailey Beiber’s so-called “glazed-donut” style. 

But in hotter weather, “your skin naturally looks more luminous as it sweats more”, meaning you need less of a helping hand from products. 

So when it’s warmer, you’re much better off switching to a matte foundation, blush and bronzer. 

“They are more resistant to sweat than dewy finish foundations,” explains Hayley, which makes then “less likely to break down in humidity leaving your complexion looking oil-free all day”.

If you’re looking for the perfect matte option on a budget, Hayley recommends Eveline Cosmetics Liquid Control Matifying Drops Foundation (£8.15), which is perfectly lightweight and smoothing.

Don’t skip on primer 

Applying primer is usually a “step in the make-up routine that gets missed out on those busy work days”, Hayley admits. 

But when the weather heats up, it’s an absolute essential if your to have any chance of making it though the day without looking as though you’re face is melting. 

“Primer makes a smooth surface for make-up to cling to,” explains the cosmetics guru, which is especially important when you’re using products like SPF underneath your foundation. 

For the best result, opt for a uber-hydrating primer, however much that might seem nonsensical when you’re sweating. 

Hayley’s favourite is The Beauty Crop’s Vitamin Babe Brightening Primer (£9.95), which she finds helps make-up stay in place for hours on end, “even on hot summer days”. 

As she explains, hydrating products like the above stop any areas becomes dry and flaky, “essential in making sure our look stays put”. 

Get out the waterproofs

When we’re faced with warm weather, many of us opt for a heavy, full-coverage foundation in the hope that it will last a bit longer. 

But this is actually counter-productive, because heavier foundations will often make the rest of your make-up come off quicker. 

“A rich, moisturising base can lead to make-up sliding and sweating off,” Hayley explains, leading to the dreaded panda-eyes look when your mascara starts to run. 

You’re much better off opting for a “waterproof, lightweight mate base”, Hayley explains – you’re less likely to sweat it off, and the rest of your products will sit on it much better. 

For the eyes, Hayley recommends the bargain £3.95 Catrice Cosmetics Pure Volume Waterproof Mascara, which has fab staying power even when you're sweating buckets.

But when you do, make sure you’re using a formulated waterproof-make-up remover at the end of every day, Hayley adds. 

Remember the powder

When commuting in the heat, one thing most of us really struggle with is particular areas – usually the forehead and inner cheeks – getting really oily. 

“Certain parts of the face are more prone to shine,” Hayley agrees, so they need a bit of extra care when the temperature hots up. 

“Make sure to apply translucent powder to areas such as the T-zone” – the T-shaped area comprising your forehead, nose and chin – “to keep your complexion looking cool”, Hayley says. 

One of Hayley’s favourite options for this is the £6.79 Make-up Revolutions IRL Soft Focus Translucent Power, which helps soak up excess sebum – essentially oil – that’s produced by the skin. 

The cosmetics whizz also adds that however tempting, you should refrain from slapping on powder all over to try and set your make-up in place.

“It can look cakey in the heat,” she explains, and make it look as though you’ve piled on your base way too thick. 

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Instead, Hayley advises, keep a translucent powder on you all day, and top up the T-zone at lunchtime and before any evening plans. 

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