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CELEBRITY hairstylist Chaz Dean has been getting people out of hairy situations for over three decades.

The scalp savior, who owns salons in Los Angeles and New York and has his own Wen product line, has made it his mission to help people with their balding and hair thinning issues.

Before becoming a stylist to the stars including Vanessa Williams, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Bensimon and Alyssa Milano, the California native was Barbie's personal beautician.

"I used to cut my sister's dolls and Barbie hair," Chaz exclusively told The U.S. Sun. "I just knew this is what I was going to do."

With over 700 products in his own Wen line, plus hair tools, and a show on QVC, he has certainly proved that he wasn't a one hit wonder.

In 2015, model and actress Brooke Shields – who has been open about her years of struggling with hair thinning issues due to decades of coloring, heat styling, and over processing treatments – became a brand ambassador for Wen.

"I knew for a long time that my hair was damaged," Brooke said when the partnership was announced.

"Wen dramatically changed the appearance of my hair. I haven’t seen this type of shine, volume and texture since I was a young model."

Not to worry – Chaz also helps mere mortals regain confidence through his hair own products, and DIY at home tips.

The hair guru, who appeared on nine seasons of the reality show Flipping out with Jeff Lewis, also shared the number one question he gets asked on his Instagram Live and TikTok channels.

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"Everybody wants to know how to help with thinning, balding, wispy, frail, and fragile hair," said Chaz.

Chaz, who enjoys playing around with custom oils, started with one of his favorites – tea tree eucalyptus oil – before adding additional all-natural ingredients including lavender, rosemary, and his latest divine discovery – castor oil.

"It's all about scalp treatment," he explained.

His hair tonic had such successful clinical results in fact that QVC had to refrain from legally mentioning all of the product's advantages.

"The studies showed that there was actual hair growth and the show isn't allowed to make these types of claims.

"But it really wasn't that. It was literally just thicker, fuller hair."

If you prefer, you could also buy the oils and make a DIY mix from home.

One thing Chaz will definitely never use is toxins – on either people or pets.

For his labrador companions, he uses the same tea tree, lavender and eucalyptus products. It's not only safer, but keeps ticks and fleas away.

"I always stick with a natural approach. I started everything in my kitchen. Castor oil is super trending but I have been using it in my products for 12 years.

"It has so many amazing elements that can help with hair growth."

Other natural products he loves that you can make your own mix out of include clove and batana oil.

"You can use all of these for a DIY a treatment," he explained.

All of that leads to some very happy customer hair growth.

Another answer to his fans' hair prayers is his own product – the Wen botanical hair and scalp tonic.

The transformative tonic is made to restore hair for thicker, fuller, longer, healthier, and stronger strands.

The $80 Wen botanical hair & scalp tonic, $65, tea tree eucalyptus treatment oil, and $72 lavender re-moist hydrating hair mask, incorporate Chaz's favorite ingredients.

This star stylist – who is also a vegan – even goes straight to the source.

"I am an avid gardener and I always say if my soil is not rich in vitamins and nutrients, it's not going to produce anything or be healthy, and it's the same for your scalp."

He also stressed how everything starts with scalp strength.

Chaz explained how if you're not prioritizing protecting your scalp, you won't see results.

"The Japanese people are very well aware of this but everyone else is still just waking up.

"People are just realizing that hair is an after fact of how you care and treat your scalp.

Chaz cautioned, whatever ingredients you use, just don't forget the rosemary.

"I started using rosemary 23 years ago and I have it in my garden. I take baths in it."

He said that the herb, which is native to the Mediterranean region, is so potent that it has even been proven to enhance brain stimulation.

"I get my own rosemary from across the street and blend it up and put it my mouth water.

"It smells amazing, it's all holistic, and it makes a huge, and healthy difference."

There's no downside to it. The more you do it the quicker and better the outcome. It's like going to the gym. More is more."

When he was first starting out, Chaz, who also took photography lessons, realized that out in LA, he was a little fish in a big pond – and he needed to find a way to stand out.

"I went to school for hair and makeup so that I could give a complete look and incorporate my whole vision," explained Chaz.

He began his career assisting a stylist in a salon before moving up to assistant manager, and then manager.

While the salon he worked for had their own haircare line, he didn't understand why they didn't make their own deep conditioner.

At just 19 years old, Chaz volunteered to work with a lab to help them create the pivotal product.

Already ahead of his time, Chaz used all-natural ingredients including primrose, sage, and rosemary.

He was then tasked with introducing even more chemical-free products – something that Chaz was already a big proponent of.

His relationship with the brand soured once he realized that he was making only a penny on the dollar for each bottle – of which he didn't even see – but did gain valuable experience along the hair mask making way.

"I was barely 20 and I didn't know my own self-worth. It was like a slap in the slap in the face but it was a very valuable lesson – an expensive lesson, but a valuable one," he said.

H split ties with the company – on the day the bought their salon – so that he could save more split ends – and this time, do it his way.

And Dean's creating days didn't end there either.

"I knew there was a better way to cleanse hair without stripping the hair of color," he explained.

"I was getting too oily from rubbing my scalp so I started to play around in my kitchen with things like sage, rosemary, eucalyptus, apples, bananas, and pears.

All of these affordable and easy to use products can be found at local grocery stores.

Amazon carries rosemary for $3.99, $9.99 eucalyptus oil, and $10 sage oil.

"I wound up making my own elixir to cleanse my scalp.

It was then that he started working with a lab and a chemist to bring more of his non-toxic product line to life.

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He has found quite a fans of hair saving treatments – millions of them in fact – all over the country, and the world.

For those who can't make it to his salons, Chaz has a studio set up in his home where he sells his Wen wonder products for QVC.

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