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THEY’RE something that your kids wouldn’t be without – but how often do you really clean their beloved cuddly toys? 

A cleaning expert has issued a warning to make sure you do just that, as she revealed her method to keeping them germ-free but intact. 

Lynsey, aka social media star Queen of Clean, spoke of the importance of cleaning their furry friends.

However, she acknowledged that while smaller toys may be machine washable, plenty of others are too big to fit in the appliance. 

Instead, the cleanfluencer, who can be found on TikTok via her profile, @lynsey_queenofclean, had found a new technique she wanted to recommend, using a large Percy Pig cuddly toy as an example.

She explained: “Percy here is obviously far too big to go into the washing machine.

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“And so a quick solution is – especially if you’ve got a child that suffers with hay fever, allergies and asthma – you need to keep these soft toys dust free and allergy free.

“And steam is great at breaking down those allergies and those dust mite particles.”

Lynsey, who has also appeared on ITV’s This Morning, then demonstrated how she would go about it.

First, she placed the toy on a nearby chair, before she grabbed her steamer.

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The author went on to say: “Give your soft toys a steam like this.”

She then ensured she had covered all of the toys’ surfaces, including under the chin and behind the ears.

She continued: “We’re going to get rid of any odours that are on there, and it’s going to help lift any stains as well.

“It’s breaking down dust mites and any allergies.

“So soft toys are going to benefit from the power of steam.”

And Lynsey isn’t the only one who has come to rely on the benefits of steam cleaning when it comes to kids’ toys – whatever they may be. 

Soft toys are going to benefit from the power of steam

The experts at steam cleaning brand Karcher have also pointed out: “The easiest way to wash your teddy bear is to use a washing machine. However, the vigorous rotating mechanism of a washing machine might alter the shape of the soft toys a little bit.”

Instead, they recommended an appliance, like their own. They continued: “The combination of pressure, speed and temperature delivers ultimate cleaning and disinfecting of your stuffed toys without affecting the original shape and state of the stuffed toys.

“You can also spot cleaning food or vomit stains by wiping the surface of dirty plush toys with antibacterial baby wipes to prevent those stains from seeping deeper into the fabric before doing a more thorough cleaning with a steam cleaner.”

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They added: “Another natural way of disinfecting fabric toys is to lay them down under the hot sun, let the UV rays kill all germs and microorganisms in the process.”

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