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She made a big impression when she joined the expert line-up of Celebs Go Dating as the new resident sexpert.

And now Dr Tara Suwinyattichaiporn has opened up about her own marriage – and why she allows her husband to sleep with other women. 

US star Dr Tara tied the knot with artist Brent Estabrook in January after three years together, but the couple enjoy a non-conventional relationship. 

That’s because in an interview with OK! Magazine, the 35-year-old shared that they are both allowed to “play sexually” with other partners.

She explained: “We’ve always had this dynamic. 

“I started talking about it when we first started dating, because I learned through my past relationships that part of my personality is sexual exploration.”

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She later added of their “monogamish” arrangement that she engages in sexual acts with others “a few times a year.”

However, Tara also revealed that Brent was initially keen on the idea when she mentioned it, but that through building trust and communication they’ve made it work. 

The couple has also had to put strict rules in place to ensure it works for both of them. 

Tara continued: “You have to know yourself really well, know what would trigger you and your partner, and what you can and can’t do.

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“Red flags would be, for example, no kissing strangers, because that can be seen as more romantic. 

“No sleeping with close friends is another – I think that would be pretty awkward if you had to see them later.”

She added: “And always using protection.”

The couple’s fourth and final rule is to ensure that the sexual exploration is about that only– and not forming an emotional attachment – but she noted that that’s not always the case for others that she knows.

Tara explained: “Personally, I don’t like to see the same person multiple times, because you could grow an emotional attachment.

“But for some of my clients, they see the same person regularly.”

You have to know yourself really well, know what would trigger you and your partner, and what you can and can’t do

And she said that she and her husband, who also participate in threesomes from time to time, are devoted to one another.

Tara explained: “Some people are polyamorous and love multiple people, but I prefer to keep fun and emotions separate. 

“The connection is between me and my husband.”

And while Tara was the first to admit that not everyone is a fan of their dynamic, she thinks it could be the way forward for future relationships.

She concluded: “People can be judgemental. On Instagram, people have told me it’s ‘immoral’ or ‘only ends in divorce’, so we’ve definitely had negative feedback. 

“I’m a human so those comments are initially hurtful. However, I understand why some people are confused or don’t like it because it isn’t the norm. 


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“I think in 10 years, it will be acceptable.”

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