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A PET expert has shared the steps you need to follow to stop your dog barking all the time. 

These tricks are especially useful if you have a dog that barks seemingly at nothing and you struggle to get them to stop. 

Jack, a pet expert has revealed the first steps you need to take to stop your dog barking relentlessly.

He said in a TikTok video online:  “Do you have a dog that barks relentlessly, sometimes absolutely at nothing, here’s three tips to help you out.”

Jack explained most people approach this completely wrong.

“So I can almost guarantee the way that most have tried to deal with this is the dog barking is over in the corner barking and you’ve gone: ‘Stop it, pack that it, come, behave, come away.’”

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But the reason why this is so bad is because your dog could get confused with who or what you're shouting at. 

Jack says: “You’re essentially shouting commands over the top of the dog, our body language is facing the same way as the dog.”

He said: “So in the dog's mind we are also barking at the thing that they are barking out at, they don’t know what we’re saying. All they can see is that out body language is in the same direction as them ”

This is why the first thing you should do is break their eye contact. 

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Jack says: “Step in front of them and be face on with them, this makes it very clear that we are communicating to your dog.”

The next thing you want to do is choose your command and stick with it. 


Jack says: “It could be 'quite', it could be 'enough' whatever it is just be consistent with it.”

“Wait for a small gap in your dog’s barking. There will always be one, you may just have to wait for it.”

Jack explained why it’s important you wait for a break in your dogs barking before you give it commands. 

He said “When you have that small gap just step in front and say 'enough', the reason we wait for the gap is because we want to pair the command with actually being quiet.“

“If we start using it while they are barking we end up pairing it with the barking .”

You can, if you wish, reward your dog once they've stop barking so they are encouraged to continue to keep quiet.

Jack said: “So you've stepped in front , you’ve said enough, your dog has then backed off and stopped barking. We can offer them a reward for that to really reinforce that behaviour.”


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“The way that we do this is we offer the reward in the opposite direction to the thing that they were barking at.”

“This builds value in coming away from the thing that they are barking at, it builds value in disengagement.”

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