I'm a pet trainer – a dog I hated grooming & a 'loud and whiny' breed I wouldn't own because it's like having a toddler | The Sun

A PET trainer has revealed the breeds she would never own.

One of them she hated grooming and another was a "loud and whiny" breed.

She figured she would steer well of these because it would be like having a toddler in the house.

“Dog breeds I wouldn’t own," she said with firmness.

Finch (@sick.but.serene) was responding to a question from one of her followers.

They wanted her to explain why she avoided some dog types.

She broke it down and set out just what it was she didn't like in her post.

First was the German Shepherd, a breed that often seemed to divide opinion.

“German Shepherds really dislike being groomed," she wrote.

Next, it was the flat-faced breeds, and they had a host of health problems because of their physiology.

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“Pugs are brachycephalic," she said, and then added another.

“Bulldogs are brachycephalic too."

They may look beautiful but the next breed was a big no-no for her.

“Huskeys are loud and whiney," she wrote.

The final breed she had an affection for but didn't think she could live with them.

“Australian Shepherds we just never get along. But I love the ones I get to see and train."

Then she added: “Don’t want a toddler for 13 to 15 years.”

There was broad agreement in the comments section to her post.

One person said: “I own a German Shepherd and that’s fair.”

Another person said: “Aw, I’m sorry. Australian Shepherds bond so well with their owners but don’t really care for others. I have five and am hoping to adopt my sixth next month.”

There was more concurrence on the husky front.

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“Yeah, having a husky is like having a toddler. Whiny and chaotic but also so much fun. I love mine and would never recommend it to a friend.

And for this dog lover, it was difficult to see her mutt suffering: “Agree on bulldogs. It’s so sad how half the time he can’t breathe properly.”

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