I'm a size 24 and my friend's a size 6 – we tried on the same wedding dress to see how it looked on our different bodies | The Sun

IT'S the most important day in a lot of people's lives.

So getting the perfect wedding dress, that makes you feel elegant and confident, is vital.

And it's very rare to find a gown that suits every body shape.

But one bridal store has shared a video of a dress that looks just as good on a size 6 as it does on a size 24.

The Ivorology Bridal shop took to Facebook to share a reel of three women of all different sizes wearing the same gown – a strapless number with a full skirt and thigh-high split.

"Same dress, different sizes," they wrote over the top.

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They then showed the three women – one in a size 6, one a size 12 and one a size 24.

The trio looked stunning in the dress, as they posed up a storm standing on their mini podium.

But in the comments section, it was the largest of the three ladies that got the most compliments.

"Size 24 looks much better than the rest," one wrote.

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"Size 24 looks best," another added.

"It looks good on all of them," a third commented.

"You can’t say that about most styles. Beautiful and elegant!"

"The women are all beautiful in the dress but the lady in the size 24 definitely wins my vote," someone else wrote.

"She is rocking that dress. She is glowing in it. It looks phenomenal on her.

"The other two look beautiful. She looks incredibly gorgeous."

To which the bridal store owner replied: "She's owning that dress and feeling amazing in it.

"It's great when someone finds that perfect fit and just shines, right?

"Thanks for pointing that out, it's a nice reminder of how style is all about the individual."

"I personally, find it flattering more on size 24," one wrote.

"Fits in all the right places, dress isn't falling down, looks great."

"It's just my personal opinion because although all of the ladies are absolutely beautiful I think the size 24 rocked it," another said.

But others insisted they weren't a fan of the slit on the dress.

"They all look very nice, but I don’t think a wedding dress should have a thigh high (or higher) slit in it," one wrote.

"I think that detracts from the overall look of the dress!"

Call me old fashioned but I really don't like splits up the side of any wedding dress other then that all three looked beautiful," another added.

"Slits up to your panties is not attractive or close to classy on an important FAMILY EVENT," a third said.

"Why do they almost always have slits all the way up to the crotch?!" someone else commented.

With the bridal store replying: "Slits can definitely be a bold choice!

"They're often designed to add a bit of drama and movement to the gown.

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