I’m an architect, how to make a small bathroom look bigger – and the door and accessories you should never use | The Sun

AN ARCHITECT has shared some genius ways you can make a small bathroom look instantly bigger.

And while dishing out her expert opinion, she also revealed the things people should be steering clear of at all costs. 

Georgina Wilson is an architect and home improvements pro, who owns her own company called Georgina Wilson Associates.

Through her work, she’s seen it all, including how people can make little rooms appear so much larger than they actually are. 

And Georgina couldn't wait to let others know the interior design secrets and how they can do it too.

She recently explained: “[There are] five things I’d never do as an architect – small bathroom edition.”

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Georgina then explained: “Never use an inward opening door.”

She showed how this can cause major problems as the door opens up directly into the space and crowds the room, even knocking into objects.

Instead, she said to invest in a totally different type of door that can really open up the room.

She explained: “It’s much more space efficient to either use a pocket sliding door or an outward opening door.”

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This led on to her second tip – that no small bathroom should include both a shower and a bath.

The architect – who is on TikTok as @askanarchitect, then said she would design the space to have a good shower section. 

Georgina explained: “Having a generous shower tends to keep the room looking open and spacious.” 

Her third recommendation was to avoid installing a very trendy feature that lots of modern homes have.

“There is just not enough dry floor space in a very small bathroom to make it worth your while,” she continued. 

Up next, Georgina said homeowners should think long and hard about the position of certain key objects.

And she suggested what you’re looking at when you first enter can make a world of difference.

The pro said: “Never locate the toilet directly in the path of entry.

“Set up the vanity or a window as a main view upon entering the bathroom.” 

Last, but by no means least, Georgina stressed that she had one more tip for everyone decorating a bathroom, whatever the size.

And she said it’s essential to avoid sticking one bathroom accessory to the wall.

She concluded: “Never fix your toilet brush to the wall. You’ll undoubtedly want to throw it in the bin at some stage.

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