I’m an ex-burglar, how to protect your home from thieves this Christmas including why you need to move your bins | The Sun

AS we jet off for some winter sun in the coming weeks, many homes will be empty and extra vulnerable to break ins.

To make sure you really do leave all your cares at home, one former burglar has revealed how easy it is to make your home extra secure.

You might recognise Michael Fraser, but we can assure you it won't be from his mug shot.

The former burglar has become a security specialistand regularly shares his tips on daytime TV.

Though you might think it would cost a fortune to prevent thieves and invole high tech devices, Michael has revealed that there are many low cost ways to stop break ins.

In fact, it could be as simple as moving your wheelie bin before you go on holiday.

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Whilst it's good to make sure the rubbish goes out before you go on a getaway, keeping your bins at the front of the house could help thieves – and terrifyingly, they wouldn't have to set foot in your home.

"Now, believe it or not, the burglar will always look in the wheelie bin," explained the home security expert, adding: "What he's looking for is information on you. If you've got any pamphlets in there with your name and address on, so he can clone you."

An easy way to prevent your bank details or other valuable information being taken is to shred up any paperwork before binning it, including Christmas cards and junk mail.

There is another way that criminals might use this household item though, with burglars often standing on wheelie bins to gain access to the first floor.

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Rather than investing in expensive security cameras, chaining bins together can be a great 'added deterrent' – according to the security expert.

There are also other simple ways to prevent your home being susceptible to burglars over the festive season.

Most of us draw the blinds before going away, but this won't always stop potential criminals from trying to peek in – especially if you have Venetian blinds.

"It is a great deterrent, but this homeowner has tilted the blinds so I can see him and I can see what I want," Michael revealed, showing just how easily he could peer into an unoccupied property.

He added: "Great deterrent. Just learn how to use them properly."

For those who have security systems installed, it's best to make this clear and add stickers to your window if possible.

Though they might not prevent break ins, it is a great way to deter opportunistic thieves in the area.

Even installing a simple letter cage can prevent burglars from targeting your home, as it makes it harder to break in.

Appearing on This Morning, Michael said: "It stops letter box fishing. People will push a pole through the letterbox, pick the keys up and then slid it back."

He also urged people to stop leaving their keys and valuable tech close to the front door, as welluse automatic timers to turn lights on when you aren't home.

"You can do a lamp, but try and keep it so they can't see where the lamp is coming on," he revealed.

His final tip: don't leave calendars within eye-sight.

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Whilst it might be great for organising your family, thieves will often see these in the kitchen and note when you are away.

Maybe just get dates in the diary in the New Year, instead.

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