I’m an interior designer – three common style mistakes & how to avoid your home looking like a ‘sterile hospital’ | The Sun

IF you're looking to renovate your house any time soon, then you may just want to take note.

That's because people always make the three same mistakes in the home, according to interior design whizz Loren Kreiss.

In a clip shared to TikTok (@lorenkreiss), he says: "Here are three of the biggest mistakes people make when decorating their home and how to avoid them."

The interior designer begins by urging people never to paint their walls stark white.

"This is one of the biggest mistakes people make when selecting a colour for their home," he explains.

"The right white will make your house feel fresh and inviting, but a stark white will give your home sterile hospital vibes.


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"Try a soft white that isn't too yellow instead."

Loren goes onto note that another "rookie oversight" is not including area rugs in the main areas of your home.


"Make sure they're big enough to fit all of the furniture in your setting on them," he says.

"This will help your home feel cosy and polished."

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And last but not least, he encourages people to do the paint test."

He explains: "Always test at least three colours on a prominent wall in your home.

"Prior to painting, make sure to pick your original colour a shade lighter and a shade darker.

"Look at them in the daylight and look at them at night.

"This will ensure you don't make one of the costliest mistakes people make when decorating their home."

The video has since gone viral, racking up a staggering 49k views and several comments from homeowners up and down the country.

"Not me currently making all those mistakes. LMAO!! I guess my plant collection is covering up most of my mistakes," wrote one.

A second penned: "I do love area rugs and used to have them. Because of allergies I’ve had to remove them. It became too much to wash them weekly."

A third commented: "All Palm Springs homes are white not hospital vibes is museum vibes lol."

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "Noted."

Another admitted: "More then once lol."

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And one more chimed in: "Totally agree! Looking at a color during daylight and night can be a game changer!

#"Samples for a few days worked for me! Can I live with this colour?"

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