I'm an interior pro – a common sofa mistake is upsetting but the curtain flaw is 'jail worthy' in the design world | The Sun

AN interior design expert has shared the mistakes that drive professionals crazy.

She revealed the common household error that could get you jail time in the decor world.

In her video, the design whizz, who works for The Havenly (@thehavenly), explained: "I’ve been working with interior designers for three years and these are the things I’ve learned."

For her first tip, the TikToker recommended pulling your sofa out a few inches from the wall.

She told her viewers: "It just looks better, it makes your space feel more intimate.

"They get very upset if your sofa is pushed up against the wall."

She also advised her followers to "paint low-light rooms a dark color."

The expert explained: "If you have a room that doesn’t get a lot of natural light you should actually you paint it a dark color, it makes it feel intimate and cozy."

For her next suggestion, she revealed the common curtain mistake that is "pretty much the worst thing you can do."

She explained: "You have to have curtains that go all the way to the floor."

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If your curtains aren't full-length, she joked: "[Interior designers] would punish you with jail time if they could."

Next, she addressed the importance of rugs in large open spaces in the home.

"If you have an open concept space you can make little ‘rooms’ within one big room by adding a bunch of rugs and using the backs of sofas and chairs as little dividers," she told viewers.

She also shared that designers can never agree on whether to arrange books by color or not.

"I recommended not bringing it up, basically, do what you want with books," she advised her audience.

She also recommended investing in a small stool for various rooms throughout your home.

"They’re all obsessed with little stools, they literally put them everywhere," she said.

The interior design enthusiast also revealed that striving for a Nancy Meyers aesthetic will earn the approval of everyone in the decor world.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the advice.

"My prized possessions are my stools for real," wrote one impressed follower.



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Another viewer said: "I completely agree on the drapes. If they don’t hit the floor, it looks like trash."

"Interior designer here and you are spot on with the little stools! They serve so many purposes," commented a third person.

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