I’m buying sheds for my kids to live in so they don’t pay expensive rent – I’m creating my own mini neighbourhood | The Sun

RENTING or buying your home can be expensive and one mum has come up with a very creative solution for her children.

Letty Banderas shared how she is buying sheds for her kids so they don’t have to move out when they are older.

On her @lettyxbanderas account, she showed off one of the sheds which she was going to turn into a tiny home.

The mum wrote: “Buying little sheds & making them liveable.

“So our kids won’t have to spend $1,500 on rent when they’re older.

“1 down, 3 more to go.”

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Letty said she was making her own “neighbourhood” and doing it “one year at a time.”

She added: “For now, it’ll be mine and hubbys home gym, since our oldest is only 8.”

Her video has racked up 559,000 likes and people praised the idea.

One person wrote: “Good idea except my kids want to go out and explore the world.

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“Don’t think they would stay home.”

Another added: “‘Once you move out, you’re on your own’ I hate that mentality some parents have.

“This is amazing.”

Letty replied: “I don’t like this mindset either.

“My parents always helped me and still do things for me, and I wanna do the same for mine.”

And a third commented: “I wish my rent was only $1,500.”

Although the mum was based in Texas, the average private rent in the UK is £200 a week or £868 a month.

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