I'm curvy but people look terrified when they see me in a string bikini – I think they're scared I’ll eat them | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE woman who loves showing off her curves in string bikinis has been left giggling after spotting a woman's reaction to her display.

Jade has no issues with body confidence, and happily dons teeny swimwear to hit her local beach.

But her outfit choices do raise eyebrows on occasion, with Jade capturing one woman's reaction on video.

Sharing the clip on TikTok, Jade said: "I was at the beach today and this lady was walking past me, and when I looked back over the recording, I thought, 'Hmmm, she's looking at me funny'.

"Then I zoomed in… Look at this."

Zooming in on the woman's face, her disapproval was clear to see, as Jade added: "She looks like I'm going to eat her or something!"

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Laughing, she then concluded: "Hahaha I love my job!"

The content creator captioned her video: "I love human reactions #plussize #bikini #publicreaction."

People were quick to comment on the video, with many urging Jade to ignore the haters.

"Ignore her, you are so f**kin beautiful and gorgeous as f**k," one wrote.

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"Psh can't blame her I'd stare too lol!" another added.

"You look amazing," a third wrote.

As someone else commented: "She's just jealous".

But another person weighed in on Jade's video by writing: "You sound very self conscious…

"WHO notices the dozens of people who look at us?

"Sorry you're either trying to find content or just so paranoid."

"Can't you hear my laughing?" Jade hit back.

And there were even trolls in the comments section who decided to take aim at Jade's weight.

"Who did u eat, a truck?" one questioned.

As another wrote: "I don't wanna sound like one of those health possessed ones but that's unhealthy.

"I was overweight too but lost all of my extra pounds and feel WAY better."

However, another person slammed the remark, writing: "Your making assumptions about a strangers health based on appearance.


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"Your opinion is hateful and ignorant.

"Do better."

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