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A WOMAN who lives a life of luxury as the wife of a Dubai millionaire has shared the “annoying” things he expects of her. 

Linda, who describes herself as the “original Dubai housewife”, often uses her social media to share snippets of her incredible life with viewers.

And in one video, she shared: “What my millionaire husband expects from me,” followed by a rolling eyes emoji. 

Panning the camera over her living room, she said her other half expects the house to be clean all the time. 

To uphold this wish, she said: “So I hire a housekeeper”. 

He also expected her to “focus on my future”, she said. 

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Luckily for him though, she does focus on her future as she puts a great deal of effort into her social media channels, including Instagram. 

Showing off a two-tiered stand with deconstructed macaroons and tarts, she went on to share that her husband wants her to “maintain my figure”. 

She explained this means that she can only have “sweet three to five [times] a day” (sic). 

TikTok user @lionlindaa added that her significant other wants her to be “responsible with his money”. 

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“Only splurge on diamonds and Chanel and budget everywhere else,” she shared. 

In the caption, she added: “Annoying but wtv I guess,” with a sad emoji. 

People flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts as one person wrote: “This is the life I deserve."

Another said: “You are so lucky and I hope to be able to live like you someday but I think finding the housekeeeper was so much work."

A third shared: “Must be nice .You should appreciate everything you got in your life.”

Linda has always been open about her luxury lifestyle online, sharing everything from spending a whopping £4,000 a month to look good to how trolls call her a golddigger.

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