I’m Queen of being a s**t mum and accidentally forgot my kid when I went to Tesco – I’m utterly mortified | The Sun

A MUM has insisted she's the "queen" of terrible parents after suffering an epic fail with her newborn.

Julie explained that no-one had told her before she became a mum that there would no longer be any "popping to the shops".

"If you needed to go to the shops, everything that you would usually have for your kid has to go with you," she said in her TikTok video.

"And I'll be f**ked if I'm doing that".

So, as her husband worked from home, she got into the habit of getting their daughter to sleep, before "racing to Tesco, getting the stuff for dinner, and racing back home".

But one day when she decided to do this, she texted him to ask what he wanted for dinner as she was in the frozen aisle in Tesco.

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When he responded with "chicken", she asked him if he was in the mood for "kiev or nuggets", and his reply sent her racing out of the store emptyhanded.

"Whatever's on in the canteen Julie, I'm in Edinburgh," he'd texted her.

"To tell you I raced home, ran through my unlocked door because I thought my husband was in and up the stairs to find my wee girl sleeping peacefully, unaware," she recalled.

"I was so f**king relieved!"

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She'd shared her story in response to someone asking for people's biggest parenting fails, and had added: "I win, I win so hard. I'm crowning myself Queen of the s**t Mas!"

"Welp…i never did that again…" she added in the video caption.

Other mums took to the comments section to share their own epic fails, with one writing: "ive accidentally hit my 5 month olds head of door frames more than once.

"I felt awful but he was fine after a minute and a giggle!"

"Newborn twins, 1 was screaming hysterically and we couldn't figure out why," another commented.

"We'd accidentally fed her sister twice and not fed her. They're non identical too!"

"I forgot to put the brake on the pram and it rolled in to the lake," a third said.

"I dived in and everything was fine but never forgiven myself!"

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While someone else recalled: "Had my 2 month old in a sling.

"Bent over to tie my lace and he fell out onto the pavement".

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