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WITH the weather getting colder and many of us reluctant to turn our heating on, luckily for you, we’ve got just what you need.

So if you don’t fancy forking out the cash for an extortionate energy bill and are looking for alternative ways to stay warm this winter, you’ve come to the right place.

A bargain hunter who is known online as ‘The Duchess of Thrift’, regularly shares useful tips online to combat the cost of living crisis, and one of her most recent videos reveals the six things you must buy from Primark now, if you want to stay warm on a budget this winter.

Sharing her advice on social media, the savvy mum said: “We've all been living the dream, haven't we? With this unseasonably warm weather. 

“Apparently we've got a cold snap coming in and this is what I'm stocking up on.”

Next, we saw the money-saving mum in her local Primark, as she explained: “So I'm in Primark, and the first thing are these velvet lined, fake fur lined leggings.

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“They're £7, but they don't snag or pull. They'll wash and wash again. 

“They'll last you all winter. They are so warm to wear underneath your trousers, underneath a skirt, a dress,  you don't even feel the cold. Hell, if you're a guy, put them underneath your work trousers.”

Not only this, but the money-saving whizz also recommended the thermal tops and fingerless gloves too.

She added: “Secondly – the thermals in Primark. These had sold out by November last year, as had those furry tights.

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“So as soon as the temperature drops, there won't be any of these left in store. I couldn't get mine washed and dried quick enough to get it back on again. This was so useful.

“Three is my fingerless gloves. Nothing can quite prepare you for the misery of working from home with cold hands, they turn into claws.

“You can't type anymore, your hands won't move. You can't even grip a hot cup of coffee, they're so cold.

“So for £3.50, I'm grabbing these before they sell out.”

If you haven’t got one already, this savvy saver also recommends Primark’s hooded fleeces, as well as the woolly hats and hot water bottles.

She continued: “Then finally, a fleece. Are you even British if you didn't have one of these things last year? I'm sure you've already got one.

“I will just be dusting mine off from last year. There’s these thinner ones for £18. And these thicker, slightly more tasteful ones for £22.

“Like I say, I'm pretty sure everyone in the UK already owns one of these, but if you don't, yeah, I know they don't look great, but when you're minding your own business on the sofa at night, they are a godsend."

The Primark superfan raved about the woolly hats, which start from just £2, as she advised: “A woolly hat! It's not actually true that you lose most of your heat out of your head, it's got quite a small surface, but god it does cozy you up.

“So if you are working at home or you’re sat on the sofa – I sat there in a balaclava last year – stick a hat on. It'll just keep that heat in.

“And finally, the unsung hero. I'm just checking that my hot water bottle is still good to go. I did buy it last year, but just check it's not perished and there's no leaks.

“That is just lovely for cuddling up to. So I'm going low-fi, low energy, keeping warm again this winter.” 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @duchessofthrift, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed 20,700 views. 

Social media users were thankful for the advice and were eager to express this and share their thoughts on the cheap Primark items in the comments. 

One person said: “I bought their fleece lined leggings about five years ago and they are a winter must!” 

Another added: “That's it, I'm off to Primark today.”

A third commented: “Need to get these.”

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Whilst someone else wrote: “Love this thank you!” 

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