Mum shares hidden camera footage of her twin babies reuniting after being separated – and it will melt your heart | The Sun

A MUM has melted hearts after sharing footage of her baby twin daughters being reunited after they spent 24 hours apart.

And the moment couldn’t be more special, as the close siblings don’t want to let one another out of their sight again. 

After they are placed in opposite cots, they walk over and quickly hold hands, before giggling and putting their foreheads against one anothers.

The black and white crib cam footage also shows the girls kiss one another on the heads and share a touching hug where one sweetly pats the other on the back. 

Parent Lauren Berty, aka @thattwinmama_, explained: “Our twins were separated for a day for the first time in their entire lives…”

“That night we put them down, leaving them alone for the first time in over 24 hours.

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“And pretty sure it’s safe to say they definitely missed each other.” 

As she continued to say that it makes her teary just thinking about it, Lauren added: “Can’t think of anything stronger than the twin bond.” 

But it wasn’t just Lauren who loved watching her baby girls coming face to face again.

The heartwarming video quickly went viral and gained a whopping 2.9 million likes and counting.

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And people felt so moved by the twins’ sweet reunion that they commented on the clip and said they were wiping away tears.

One person wrote: “Oh my gosh, the pat on the back – I’m crying, this is so sweet.”

A second social media user added: “This made me sob. Can’t wait for this. I’m pregnant with twins.” 

A third TikTok user said: “The giggles are absolutely killing me.”


As another typed: “Twins are so lucky – you’re literally born with your soul mate.”

And others with twins themselves said they could totally relate to the touching clip.

One person explained: “I have a twin sister and can attest there is nothing like a twin bond.

“My sister is my other half.”

While another person went on to say: “My brothers are identical twins and in their 30s now.

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“THIS STILL HAPPENS when they get together. It’s a bond that is unmatched.”  

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