Mum shares urgent warning NEVER to wear Crocs on an escalator – after her daughter narrowly avoids a horrific injury | The Sun

A MUM has shared an urgent warning to other parents not to let their children go on the escalator while wearing Crocs.

Olivia explained that she was out with her daughter, who was wearing a pair of pink Crocs, when they went on an escalator.

As they were halfway up on the escalator, she got her shoe stuck in the side – and only narrowly avoided a horrific injury.

"Today my daughters crock got trapped in the side of the escalator half way up," Olivia wrote alongside pictures on Facebook.

"Thankfully I got her foot out straight away.

"Apparently was a 'freak accident' but just want to warn others to keep their children away from the sides."

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Olivia also shared pictures of the shoe after the accident – with the entire toe section having been shockingly ripped from the rest of the shoe.

People were quick to comment on the post, with one writing: "Omg Glad your Daughter is ok, that’s terrifying."

"Same thing happened to my son last week at universal," another added.

"This happened to me when I was a child, my lace got stuck at the top," a third recalled.

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"My dad struggled to free it, had to press the emergency stop button.

"I've never forgotten it, I get very wary on them, especially with my own children."

"Omg when I was a child my untied shoelaces got caught, the laces tightened so tight then thankfully snapped," someone else said.

"I've never forgotten".

"Thanks for the warning! I found this really useful to show my 8 yr old," another mum wrote.

"Glad your little girl was ok."

"It happens with wellies too. The rubber material is a nightmare. Glad the little one was ok," someone else wrote.

As another added: "I am so glad your daughter is ok, how scary!

"Two weeks ago my daughter broke her ankle on one."

"I ended up in A&E having my big toe glued back together/ stitched after it got shredded by an escalator about a month ago!" someone else said.

"It happens more than people think and it's now a very real fear of mine!!"

Others pointed out that newer escalators have signs on the top that say 'No Crocs' to avoid similar accidents happening.

"Did you know that at Disney World they do not allow Crocs on escalators for this very reason?" one wrote.

"Doesn't mean people don't wear them, but it's a thing."

"I remember people warning each other about this when these things first became popular when I was a kid," another added.

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"It's been happening for decades. Lots of people still don't know, so thanks for posting and I'm glad little one's okay."

"Omg wow I’ve heard of this happening a lot with crocs and even there’s some signs on some escalators, I’m so glad she’s okay and unharmed," a third wrote.

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