My nightmare neighbours complained 13 times in 3 days about my toddler & it’s not even when she cries in the night | The Sun

A MUM has shared her frustration after her new neighbours complained 13 times in 3 days about her toddler's 'noisy' footsteps and her music being "too loud."

Haley Becker explained how she'd been living in the apartment complex for four years and had never received a single complaint before the young couple, who live underneath her, moved in three weeks ago.

In a clip shared to TikTok (@itshaleybecker), she explains how the new neighbours came up to her one day when they were doing stuff as a family.

Haley recalls: "They just said, 'hey, so we're new, we tried to come up. We moved in a couple days ago.

"'It's really loud, it's really noisy. There's just like, a lot of footsteps.'"

Haley notes that her husband was really polite and explained how they had a toddler, but that still didn't stop them from banging on about there being "a lot of noise."



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The soon to be mum-of-two says: "They just kept kind of going on and on.

"It's like they weren't grasping the concept of us having a toddler who walks and plays, and that's just the way it is.

"And if you have a toddler, you know, they're loud, and that's okay."

Hayley explains how the young couple left, but the following day she received a call from her husband who said they'd just come up again.

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But this time, they'd complained about the music being "too loud."

"Instead of asking my husband to turn it down, he said, 'you need to turn your music down,'" Haley explains.

"He said that he was working downstairs on a really important Zoom meeting and had paused the Zoom meeting to come up here and tell us that the music was too loud."

Haley also points out that all of these instances have occurred during daytime hours and not in the early morning.

After explaining that her husband agreed to turn it down, the following day, he received a call from the front office notifying them that the young couple had officially put in a noise complaint.

Frustrated with the situation, Haley gave the front office a call and explained what was going on.

"I just said, 'we have a toddler,'" she says.

"'Unless I put her in a straight jacket, I can't control how often she walks around and how she plays and I'm not going to
do that.

"'I'm not gonna prevent my child from exploring and walking around the apartment and living – it's just not happening.'"

She continues: "I told her, the music we can control, we can control our footsteps, we can try and control our dog, but our dog so lazy

At the end of the video, Haley shared an update and wrote: "We just got a notification AGAIN today that they have called to complain 13x in the past 3 days.

"Borderline harassment now."

It wasn't long before the post went viral, racking up a whopping 466k views and hundreds of comments from social media users.

"Neighbour complained about our drawers closing. I said we hear you snore. We’re not asking you to stop breathing," wrote one.

A second penned: "When people start complaining the second they move in….there is nothing that will please them. We've had tenants like this. We had to terminate"

A third commented: "It’s always wild to me when people who share walls/floors expect 'radio silence' from their neighbours…like… request a top floor. Idk what to tell you!"

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "I think it’s time to start keeping a log. Neighbours gone wild is a real thing!"

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Another chimed in: "It’s called communal noise. They need to buy a house."

And a further added: "Property Manager here…they need to be reminded it's apartment living. Office should offer another unit, if declined, they should terminate."

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