My parents transformed their pool house into a tiny home for my grandma – she has her own bathroom and kitchen | The Sun

A REALTOR has applauded her parents' efforts after they created a tiny home for her grandma in their backyard.

They transformed the pool house into perfect accommodation that included a bathroom and kitchen.

Jeselyn Perez (@jeselyn.perez) considered it an act of love.

“So proud of my parents," she said. "They’re my true inspiration."

Her video of the makeover has gone viral, attracting over 240,000.

Many of the commenters agreed it was a beautiful thing her parents had done.

This person's reaction was typical of many more: “Taking care of our elders who spent their lives taking care of us. Love it.”

Jeselyn is a LA realtor so knows a good home transformation when she sees one.

Her TikTok remit is all about “fashion, investments and home décor.”

But the effort her mom and dad put into creating a home for grandma overwhelmed her.

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“Watch my parents transform the pool house into a home for my grandma.”

The backyard did not look very promising, and neither did the pool house.

But by the time they had finished, grandma had a home that was beautiful and with everything she needed for independent living.

“We still have to clear up the yard and plant trees but I’m so proud of this progress," said Jeselyn.

Commenters were as impressed with the transformation as Jeselyn was.

“So cool and inspirational," said one person.

“This is beautiful. She will be close and still have her independence," observed another.

It was a view echoed by this viewer: “Having grandma live with you guys but also giving her own personal space.”

Fantastic all around, figured this person: “That looks amazing. Your grandma is very lucky and loved to have a house built for her.”

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