My son sleeps in his uniform & throws on shoes in the morning – trolls say I'm lazy but it speeds up the school run | The Sun

A DOTING mum has revealed she gets her son to sleep in his school uniform every night in a bid to make the mornings run smoothly. 

Rachel is a teacher herself and often uses her social media account to share top tips and tricks to fellow parents. 

Dressed in a pink T-shirt and jean overalls with her brunette hair styled down, she explained: “I dress my little boy for school at night.”

She said he puts on a “nice new shirt” alongside a pair of jogging bottoms, which are “super comfy”. 

“Great for jammies,” she continued. “And then when he wakes up, we just throw on sneakers.” 

Rachel said that one day she will actually teach her son to wake up and get ready for school first thing in the morning. 

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“And that will be a very good thing to teach,” she explained.

“But I can’t do that right now and that’s okay, I’m doing my best and so are you. And I love you.”

In the caption, TikTok user @msrachelforlittles added: “What’syour favourite tip or trick? We love this for us rn.” 

People were quick to comment as one person said: “NA Ms Rachel you wrong for this…a nice bath wakes you up,” followed by a red heart emoji. 

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Another one simply wrote: “No ms rachel…” as a third added: “But then it’s all creased and sweaty. Takes 5 mins to get them dressed”.

Hitting back at these comments, she replied: “To answer the questions: he bathes at night, he doesn’t get sweaty at night. if he did, we’d grab new clothes.

“Ps there’s been no issues with wrinkly clothes”.

Others were fully supportive of her methods as one person shared: “My 13 year old does this. She says she hates getting out of warm clothes in the mornings,” with a crying with laughter emoji.

A second said: “ms rachel being so relatable is extremely healing,” with a crying emoji.

And a third added: “So happy to know im not the only one”.

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