Only the top 10% of people will be able to solve these infuriating brainteasers in under two minutes | The Sun

TWIDDLING your thumbs this wet Sunday? We have just the thing to keep you and your brain busy.

Three new operating room-themed brainteasers are leaving people scratching their heads, as one puzzling hidden surgical tool is proving extremely difficult to find.  

To celebrate National Operating Room (OR) Nurse Day on November 14, leading healthcare staffing agency Soliant created three operating room picture hunts, showcasing OR nurses’ extremely high level of attention to detail.

These OR brainteasers allow healthcare workers and puzzle enthusiasts alike to test their attention to detail, medical knowledge and hidden object-hunting abilities. 

Soliant put people to the test and found that 9 out of 10 people were unable to solve all three picture hunts in less than two minutes.

The average time to solve all three puzzles is 3 minutes 11 seconds; however, the current record time to beat is a speedy 37 seconds. How do you measure up? 

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Still can't figure them out? Don't worry we have left the answers below.

Perhaps, on the other hand, your patience has not yet run thin and you want to have another go.

Fear not, we have another seasonally-themed game.

This time it features a pile of expertly-wrapped gifts.

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Among them, you have to find five that have a special label.

But can you seek them out? As usual, things are not made easy for you.

They are there, we promise, just a bit tricky to spot.

That is the point of the game of course, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating.

If you have reached the end of your tether and you just want the answer, avert your eyes.

You will see the hidden labels in the image below. Better luck next time.

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