People are just realising what the ‘camera’ emoji actually stands for and it’s blowing their minds | The Sun

PEOPLE are only just realising what the ‘camera’ emoji actually is and it’s blown their minds. 

A woman took to her social media account to reveal the seemingly hidden meaning behind the commonly used emoji. 

Dressed in a white T-shirt, she told viewers: “I might be a f***ing idiot but every time I see the hugging emoji… Now I know it’s hugging emoji…

“But for the last, um, ever since I knew it existed, I would look at it and I’d be like, ‘Why is everyone posting a film camera?’” 

The brunette beauty, 22, then paused to look at the her camera in disbelief before continuing: “And I was like, ‘Oh… What does the film camera emoji mean?’

“It’s a f***ing hugging emoji…” 

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“I thought it was a film camera up until a couple of weeks ago,” she said as the video came to an end. 

While the film camera emoji looks like a video recorder you might see from the 90s, the hugging emoji shows two blue figures embracing one another.

However, from afar this emoji mimics the outline of a film camera, making it a very understandable mistake. 

Upon watching the video, people flocked to the comments section as one person wrote: “Nah I thought it was a film camera too,” followed by two crying emojis. 

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Another person shared: “Oh my god. That’s what that is??!! I thought the same thing”. 

“IT’S NOT A FILM CAMERA???? I thought there was a new trend or slang thingy or something I didn’t know,” another posted alongside a crying with laughter emoji, to which TikTok user @communismisforthekids replied: “SAMEE”.

And a fourth said: “omfg I thought it was a film camera too”. 

They aren’t the only ones to have been left baffled by this though as one person on Reddit shared: “Does this emoji mean something I don’t understand??

“I get quite a few comments that leave this emoji and I don’t exactly know what it’s supposed to mean…”

People immediately told her it was an emoji of two people hugging as one person wrote: “Yes, it's a hug! I find it sometimes useful to check for example emojipedia to see how other devices show certain emojis. 

“Maybe that'll help you see how it's supposed to depict the two people.”

Another said: “On some devices (like my phone) the colors bleed together so the shape is weird. I thought it was a heart coming out of a tissue box for the longest time. 

“When I see it on my computer, one person is darker blue than the other and is a lot more obvious that it's a hug emoji.”

While a  third added: “It's a hug, as everyone said. But don't worry, for the longest time I thought it was some kind of camera?”

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