People are only just realising zips have a secret locking feature and it’s blowing their minds | The Sun

EVER realised the zip on your jeans is open and felt really embarrassed?

We've all been there – but apparently there's a secret function on your zip to stop it from ever happening.

Sidney Raz shared the clever hack on TikTok and it's blowing people's minds.

He exclaimed in the clip: "Here's something I didn't know until my 30s, zipper have locks in them."

It turns out it's really easy to use them as well, in fact you might've been doing it without realising it.

Once you zip up your fly by pressing the zip back down towards to tacks it locks into place.


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To put this to the test Sidney grabbed a pair of jeans and tried to pull the zipper open with it pressed down and with it left up.

Amazingly, the zip stayed right in place no matter how hard he tugged at it.

And Sidney wasn't the only person who had no idea there was a such a simple way to stop the zips from opening.

"I'm 36 and didn't know this… just tested it and it works," one person commented on this clip.

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"Ok I didn't know this either but apparently it works if you stick the zip up as well as down," another wrote.

Someone else added: "Usually this just applies to jeans and other legwear like that, hoodies and such usually don't have it."

Meanwhile, some people were shocked it wasn't common knowledge that zips could lock into place.

One said: "Who didn't know that? Who's walking around with the zipper pocking out?"

"My kids are five and seven and they knew this," another commented.

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