Salma Hayek, Cindy Crawford & Halle Berry are sexy as ever at 57 but it's harder to dress breasts as we age, expert says | The Sun

SOME of Hollywood's hottest 50-something stars have been proving that the idea of "dressing one's age" is a thing of the past.

Now a fashion psychologist has revealed why Halle Berry, Cindy Crawford, and Salma Hayek refuse to put their sex appeal behind them — but noted that being busty can turn into a challenge.

Halle, Cindy, and Salma may have more than just their ages and motherhood in common.  

The 57-year-old stars dress glamorously for the cameras and stand out with their super-sexy looks.

Fashion psychologist Professor Carolyn Mair, Ph.D., noticed the three women's ease at working it, though pointed out that one might be facing an extra challenge.

In an exclusive interview, Mair told The U.S. Sun: “What we are seeing is three women retaining that desire to be noticed and to look sexy.

“It is empowering.

“Women get into their late fifties and can report feeling ignored and as if nobody notices them anymore.

“Halle has been focusing on her legs, while Cindy is about the entire body shape.

“Salma has been more focused on her breasts.

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“Many celebrities have led the trend for curvy bodies, big butts, and big breasts — this is a bit like the Kardashians."

But curves can create some difficulty, too, as Salma herself admitted.

In a 2021 episode of Red Table Talk, she told Jada-Pinkett Smith that she's struggled with her breast size as she's gotten older because they'd grown naturally.

“Sometimes it is more difficult to dress when you have large breasts," Mair said.

“Big breasts can dominate a look and not every woman wants that.”


The Monster's Ball actress was photographed at New York Fashion Week on September 11 wearing a clinging black dress with slits up to her hips.

Halle teamed her look with black knee-high boots and also went braless.

Previously, the mom of two told Women’s Health: “I'm my best self now that I reached 56 years old.

“I have the most to offer.”

Mair said: “Halle Berry wants to be seen as an exciting, sexual being rather than someone who feels past it.

“Although at this stage of life some women might change their attitude on sex, Halle’s look suggests she is as vibrant as ever.

“Halle likes showing her toned legs and thighs and uses splits to draw attention.

“The white dress slit draws attention to the erogenous zones.

“It also gives just a peek, which can be quite erotic.”


Cindy recently showed off her figure for Vanity Fair’s European editions.

The world-famous supermodel also posed for Vogue in a tight red dress for the docu-series The Super Models on Apple TV+.

London Fashion Week saw the mom of two show off her shape in a black cut-out Versace dress.

Commenting on her mom's style on Instagram, Crawford’s daughter, Kaia Gerber, 22, wrote: “Hot mama!”

In 2022 Cindy told W magazine: “ I’m aware that I don’t look the same as I did when I was 25.”

She added: "But I bring experience and confidence in front of the camera that I didn’t have then.”

Mair explained: “Cindy’s black dress has tiny fasteners that add sex appeal.

"This is similar to the safety pin dress that Elizabeth Hurley wore years ago.

"They look as if they could be unfastened quickly and easily.

“Cindy is not showing very much flesh except between these fasteners — rather, she is showing the form of her body.

“Cindy looks demure and shows off a hint of sexiness so is maybe more subtle than Salma and Halle.”


The summer has seen Salma show off her figure in an array of bikinis and dresses.

On September 15, the Magic Mike’s Last Dance actress paraded her curves in a white gown at the Toronto Film Festival.

Soon after, she was photographed with her husband in New York wearing a figure-hugging red sequin dress.

In August, the mom of one told Glamour: “I do have to say that I have found it beautiful, getting older with someone.”

Mair said: "Selma wears skin-tight clothes.

"They show her curves and for this reason, they may be considered sexier.

“Her red sequin choice emphasized her curves as they reflect and draw attention to them.

“It also looks like Salma prefers dresses that focus on her breasts and butt."

A white dress she wore on September 13 "emphasizes her curvy shape," Mair added.

“The issue is that this can be exacerbated as we get older.

"This is a time when some might prefer to be noticed for their other attributes."

Mair said that overall, she thinks Cindy's look would appeal to a lot of people "who appreciate a more demure look," though Halle has some sophisticated style too.

"All these women look confident and absolutely not invisible," she said.

"If I were to guess their ages, I would put them all around 30 years old.



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"It is empowering to see older women looking so sexy.

"I hope this gives other women in their late 50s and beyond the confidence to do the same. "

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