Shoppers go wild for Marks & Spencer's twist on the classic custard cream & they’re better than the original biscuit | The Sun

JUST when you thought the custard cream biscuit couldn’t get any better, Marks & Spencer has launched a surprise new product.

The supermarket shelves are currently stocked with new packets of the popular snack – but this time they have a chocolate twist.

M&S’ own range now boasts Outrageously Chocolatey Chocolate Coated Custard Creams.

The sweet treat food item, which comes in a gold packet, is described as “more chocolate than biscuit” – and they’ve already gone down a storm with foodies.

Introducing the £2.50 product to those who hadn’t heard about them yet, one shopper branded them a “game changer”. 

TikTok account @wheretowhatsnew says what it does on the tin, and spreads the word about new-in products in the UK’s supermarkets, high street and beyond.

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In a new video posted to his profile, he explained: “Get to M&S – they have a brand new [item] Outrageously Chocolatey Chocolate Coated Custard Creams.

“These are a game changer, they are absolutely fantastic.”

After describing them as “delicious”, he then reiterated: “Get to Marks & Spencer now!”

The influencer later added that there are six in a packet, but that they are much bigger than the original biscuit, as he said: “All these years and never a chocolate coated custard cream.” 

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And his followers didn’t need much persuasion to rush to the checkout when they heard about the tasty product.

One person wrote: “Oh my giddy aunt!” A second social media user added: “M&S do the best biscuits – period.”

Meanwhile, a third typed their appreciation for the idea, as they said: “Jesus Christ, I’m there on pay day.”

But others all had the same complaint – the price of the product.

One person said: “Look at the price of them!” A second agreed, as they wrote: “£2.50?! Man, I am a cheapskate.” 

Many more social media users questioned the price, and branded them “very expensive” and “ridiculously overpriced.” 

However, @wheretowhatsnew quickly waded into the debate, and said he’d had the same initial thought, but quickly changed his mind when he tasted them.

He responded: “I was the same when I saw the price. They are really good, though!”

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