The 'burrito method' is the genius way to dry clothes without a tumble dryer & people say it worked in five minutes | The Sun

AN ORGANISATION whizz has shared his genius “burrito method” to dry clothes in just five minutes, with no tumble dryer or gusts of wind required. 

Tor Rydder, the man behind Organizing TV, shared the method as a “minimalist” travel hack, but it’s also great for when you need something dried quickly at any time. 

In a demonstrative YouTube video, he showcased how you can do the “burrito method” using just a towel and the floor. 

“To do the burrito method, we place a newly washed T-shirt down on a towel,” Tor said. 

“Then we start by folding the T-shirt over, like so.”

He folds the top with medium sized flaps, layering them on top of each other until the tee is fully encased in the towel. 

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“Once we reach the top, we start stepping down on the towel,” the Norwegian home organiser continued, while pressing his knees into the rolled-up towel.

“The reason we do this is because the towel will absorb all of the water from the burrito.

“Once we unwrap it, it will be a lot drier.”

Another option if you don’t want to step or kneel on your towel is to wring out the “burrito” you have made with it.

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Once you have kneeled or wrung out the excess water, you can unroll the towel and retrieve your T-shirt.

“I do find that this method will easily reduce drying time from overnight to a couple of hours,” Organizing TV said.

“If you’re in a hotter climate, you can probably wear it out and it’ll dry on its own.”

If you don’t have time to wait for a couple of hours and you’re in a colder place, he recommends blasting the top with a hair dryer for a maximum of five minutes.

Ideally, the T-shirt will be on a hanger but if you don’t have any to hand, you can hang it over a sink or chair. 

Followers of Tor’s YouTube channel took to the comments to weigh in on his “burrito method”.

“I used these two methods and my clothes were dry in five minutes,” Yvonne Marie said. 

“This man is a genius,” another viewer penned. “You’re a lifesaver.”

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