The chilling ‘clues’ mummy blogger who confessed to child abuse left on YouTube for her millions of followers to see | The Sun

DISGRACED YouTube mum Ruby Franke left chilling “clues” of her abuse in videos viewed by millions.

The mum-of-six, who pleaded guilty to horror child abuse charges earlier this week, became infamous on YouTube for her channel 8 Passengers which she started in 2015.

The channel featured Franke, her then-husband Kevin, their six children and their lives before its deletion in 2022.

During those seven years, Franke faced backlash from fans and fellow YouTuber’s for boasting about punishments she used on her children.

These included not feeding her children lunch and barring her eldest son from his bed for seven months for playing a prank on his younger brother, forcing him to sleep on a beanbag instead. 

Franke also didn’t give her two youngest children presents for Christmas one year as they had been “selfish”. 

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At its peak popularity, 8 Passengers had roughly 2.5million subscribers but it was taken down for undisclosed reasons.

One resurfaced clip from the channel showed Franke explaining that she received a message from her daughter's teacher because she didn't have a packed lunch.

Franke, from Utah, US, told the teacher she refused to bring the then-six-year-old food as a teaching lesson.

"I know that her teacher is uncomfortable with her being hungry and not having a lunch and it would ease her discomfort if I came to the school with a lunch," she said.

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"But I responded and just said Eve is responsible for making her lunches in the morning.

“And she actually told me she did pack a lunch, so the natural outcome is she’s just going to need to be hungry. 

“Hopefully nobody gives her food and nobody steps in and gives her a lunch because then she’s not going to learn from the natural outcome."

Following the backlash, Franke posted less frequently and later announced last summer that she was joining Jodi Hildebrandt’s ConneXions podcast.

On the show, the pair gave parenting advice, which many deemed as controversial.

Police were called to Hildebrandt’s home in August after a child climbed out a window and ran to a neighbour's house to ask for food and water.

The neighbours noticed duct tape around the child's wrists and ankles and called the police.

Authorities arrived and found one child who they described as "severely emaciated and malnourished, with open wounds”.

Another child was found in the home and was also malnourished, according to court documents.

With a search warrant, police found evidence in the home that was "consistent with the markings found on the juvenile”.

They were later identified as Franke's children, and both Franke and Hildebrandt were arrested.

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The documents show that Franke was seen filming in the home a few days before, meaning she was likely aware of the children's condition.

However, in a court hearing on Monday, Franke seemed to turn on Hildebrandt and said that she “systematically isolated” her from family and the “prolonged isolation” promoted a “distorted sense of morality”.

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