The Stallones' ‘stinging mimicry’ of Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's wedding will chip away at raw feelings, says expert | The Sun

THE Stallones have been basking in the glory of their success in the wake of a renewal of their reality TV show.

But according to a body language expert, a video of the famous five poking fun at the Kardashian family could spell disaster for them in Hollywood.

Paramount greenlit Season 2 of The Family Stallone as it hit the top spot on the streaming platform.

The series won over viewers with its no-holds-barred access into the glam life of movie star Sylvester Stallone, 76, and his stunning family.

Though the show was initially set to rival The Kardashians, at first Sly seemed to stamp out any comparison with them from the start.

Ahead of the show launch in May, he told Reuters: “We’re taking a different tack."

Sly added: "The main thing is you don’t try to copy someone.”

With that in mind, body language expert Judi James says a September 8 clip of the Stallones mocking Kim Kardashian's 2014 wedding is surprising.

The family was filmed having drinks together alongside a voiceover of Kim, and they took turns mimicking her talking about her big day.

In an exclusive interview, James told The U.S. Sun: “This family has thrown down a challenge.

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“The Stallones have used the Kardashians for jokes and mimicry, but by ridiculing Kim’s wedding to Kanye.

“With Kim’s marriage in ruins, it does sound like a joke that the Kardashians might consider to be too soon for the still-raw Kim.

“This clip is surprising since the Stallone's body language will sting Kim.

"The poking of a straw about in a drink while miming could mean someone was spoiling for a fight here."

Keeping Up With The Kardashians kicked off in 2007 and continued for 14 years with numerous spinoffs.

The show had been so successful that by 2022 the family returned with a new Hulu series, The Kardashians.

Interestingly, TMZ caught the Stallone girls and their model mom Jennifer Flavin in 2017 at LAX.

At the time Scarlet, Sistine, and Sophia were attracting attention in Tinseltown because of their Kardashianesque profile.

James noted they seemed coy and adopted “fan girl” signaling when asked about the Kardashians.

“Five years ago, the Stallones claimed they had no ambition to become the new Kardashians," she said.

“The signaling at LAX suggested surprise when they were asked if they would ever do a reality show.

“Jennifer’s curt ‘No!’ was delivered firmly as if it was not up for debate.

“The three girls hid their faces in a cut-off ritual. They turned their backs, preened their hair, rolled their eyes, pursed their lips.

"They even began to study their phones as though to signal it was a closed subject.”

Five years on and Season 1 of The Stallones materialized. It turned out to be a big success.

Just like with the Kardashians, viewers got to know the Stallones through plenty of dramas, antics, and camera close-ups.

James noted a competitive challenge in the September 8 clip: “The Stallone's second series has been commissioned and they are putting out mimicry.

“This was a way of chipping away at someone’s image.

“They are making people laugh at the Kardashians rather than taking them seriously.

“This is without making it look as though they are being openly attacking.”

James suggested the Stallone’s picked one of the Kardashian family’s biggest plot lines – Kim's 2014 wedding.

While none of the Stallone daughters are married, Kanye and Kim divorced in 2022.

James said former model Jennifer Flavin, 54 was the first to mime to Kardashian's lines.

“She sits looking straight into the camera with her eyes narrowed, shaking her head in disapproval," said James.

“Sophia is sitting in a confident, splayed pose, and her chin is raised in a gesture of superior power.

"It is even tilted to add to the expression of disapproval.

"Her right finger is held rigid, to add to that theme.

“Scarlet has a similar arm splay, suggesting confidence and power here.

“There is an angry-looking accelerated blink rate followed by an eyebrow flash.

“Sistine is using the longest bread stick in the world as her ‘weapon’ of choice to conduct her bit of the script.

“Sly comes in with a much more threatening pose.

"He uses his best Rocky straight stare to the camera as he mimes: ‘You stole my wedding.’


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"Prodding the Kardashians like this from a position of success and using straws suggests it is game on.

“Underneath the camouflage of humor, the body language shows a sign of serious competitiveness and rivalry.”

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