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A SAVVY shopper has lifted the lid on why she stopped doing her weekly shop in the aisles of Aldi.

Instead, social media user Gi revealed she now heads to Tesco or Marks & Spencer to get the job done and couldn’t be happier with her choice. 

Gi, aka TikTok’s @whatgabdid, explained that she had to second think her shopping habits when she felt like Aldi’s quality had noticeably declined.

At the same time, others have said that their prices appear to have gone up due to the cost of living crisis, so she decided to look elsewhere. 

“We stopped going to Aldi and swapped it for Tesco and M&S,” Gi said in a video posted to her platform. 

She then shared the products she picks up in Tesco and M&S, explaining that they both offer different things, but both save her cash. 

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Up first, she focused on M&S and raved about their amazing offers on fresh vegetables.

Holding up a fresh onion, which cost just 25p, she said: “Look at the size of this onion.

“For 25p, you cannot go wrong.”

Gi also said Tesco was great for meat, such as £1.50 chicken legs which help to create a cheap roast dinner, and highlighted their yoghurt as another must-buy.

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Her total bill in M&S came to just £8 and she then  hit the aisles of Tesco to check out their selection, as she told her 60k followers that their fresh fruit is unrivalled. 

She continued: “I’m getting some more veggies here too just because they’re a little bit cheaper than M&S.

“Then it was on to dairy, so milk and yoghurts. I just get the yoghurts that are on the clubcard deal to be honest.”

She also highlighted some of their money-saving in-store deals, such as 2 for £4 on meat.

Her receipt totalled £45 in Tesco, making her total spend £53 for two people for the week.

While on both trips, she also had something to say about the supermarket’s Aldi price match, where they offer the same price as the budget supermarket. 

Gi claimed: “Don’t even get me started on the Aldi price match.

“It’s just a way for other supermarkets to increase their prices, but you think you’re getting a bargain because it says ‘Aldi price match’.

“But, actually, you’re not.”

She also said that she thinks that the M&S fresh produce is not only cheaper, but so much “better”. 

And said she made the swap as now her “food lasts the week” without fail. She explained: “When there’s only two of us we need our food to last because it doesn't get eaten as quickly!” 

After she lifted the lid on her shopping habits, a fellow social media user accused her of thinking she was “too good” to shop in Aldi.

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But she hit back, as she wrote: “I don’t think I’m too good or Aldi but I’ve had too many bad experiences to waste money shopping there.”

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