Woman leaves internet horrified and slammed a ‘bad mum’ after letting her toddler play with his dead grandparents | The Sun

A WOMAN has been slammed as a bad mum for letting her toddler play with his dead grandparents.

The US-based mum took to social media to share how her son was using her mum's urn as a rattle and teether.

In the clip, her young son took the gold urn and began using it as a teether before beginning to use it as a rattle.

The mum said she thought it was peculiar he had picked out the urn which was in a cupboard with lots of other items.

She wrote: "Don't worry, the top is sealed and it doesn't have any remnants. 

"I thought this was hilarious but also interesting. She was in a cabinet full of other fun looking GLASS things and he chose her urn out of all the cool looking things."



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Despite the mum finding it somewhat comforting her son picked his grandmother's earn from the cupboard, people claimed she was a 'bad mum' for letting him.

One meanie wrote: "Take it away! You're a bad mum if this is real."

Hitting back at the haters, she placed her mum and dad's urns on the ground and asked her tot which one he wanted to play with.

She placed the gold and black urns onto the floor and he quickly swooped up his grandma.

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"I guess he likes grandma," she said.

She later revealed that she was pregnant with her son when her mum passed away and had never let him play with the urns before.

She said: "First I wanna just say that I don't let my son just play with my parents ashes.

"He grabbed my mum out of a cabinet that I was getting Christmas decorations out of. I've never let him see them."

"It's kinda cute," she continued.""It's kinda cute," she continued.

"And, you know, he got to meet my mum.

"I was pregnant when she passed.

"So maybe he has a connection to her. I don't know."

Despite some of the negative comments, the mum revealed she didn't want her son to be scared of death and will have tough conversations about the subject as he gets older.

The clips has since gone viral on her TikTok account @lambbchops with over 3million views.

Plenty of people praised the mum for normalising the difficult subjects of grief and death.

One person wrote: "Your mum would probably have loved to know she still gets quality time with her grand baby."

Another commented: "I love this, I'll bet Grandma is loving it too."

"Thought the response video was funny but knowing it's real and that he just found her is so sweet," penned a third.

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Meanwhile a fourth said: "Why does it matter if he’s playing with it. It was a connection. Nothing wrong with it. Great mother."

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