Woman reveals she’s been pregnant for SEVEN years and is now expecting her 10th baby – but trolls are quick to slam her | The Sun

SHE'S spent the last seven years of her life pregnant.

And now Australian mum Chloe has revealed that her skinny jeans will stay in the wardrobe for a while longer – as she's expecting her 10th baby.

Chloe took to her Instagram page to share the pregnancy news, posting a video of herself and her husband with their nine kids.

The clip was soundtracked by the Cocomelon Numbers Song with Little Chicks, which counts down each of the numbers before ending "and then, this little one makes ten".

At that point, Chloe – who was holding her youngest at the time – pulled out an ultrasound.

"We have some exciting news to share!" she captioned the Reel.

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"Who already guessed it??

"Baby #10 coming February 2024!"

And while lots of people were quick to offer Chloe their congratulations, others were less than impressed by her family planning technique.

"Such irresponsibility," one wrote.

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"It's easy to pop them out, but it’s humanly impossible to offer quality time and individual attention and affection to all these kids.

"It’s not a personal opinion but a fact, as the day will always have the same 24 hours. It’s a shame actually."

"Ugh the older kids will end up raising the others," another sighed.

As a third insisted: "As someone from a family with lots of siblings I find this terrible."

"In this economy?!" someone else questioned.

"F**KING. STOP." another raged.

"You owe the planet and all its species an apology for your selfishness," someone else commented.

However, others defended Chloe, with one writing: "A lot of people commenting here need to stay out of her uterus.

"I think parents like this are doing the world a favour by raising families like this.

"May god bless – more kids, more happiness," another added.

"People always have something to say about large families. Your large family is so beautiful!" a third praised.

And someone else wrote: "Wow what's with the negative comments !?

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"They seem pretty comfortable in life and happy … What's the problem?"

In response to another comment, Chloe added that all of her pregnancies were planned, but in a few of them she had more than one baby – which she wasn't expecting.

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