You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the 4 kiwi fruit hidden among the kiwi birds in 20 seconds | The Sun

AN optical illusion of four kiwi fruits hidden among a group of kiwi birds has baffled puzzlers.

The seek-and-find challenge has frustrated even those who have 20/20 vision.

The mind-bender requires immense focus on even the smallest details of the illustration as it puts observation skills to the ultimate test.

Gergely Dudás, who is also known as Dudolf, is known for creating some of the internet’s most difficult brainteasers.

The German author took to Facebook, where he boasts over 168,000 followers, to share the challenge. 

There is a 20-second record to beat with puzzlers eager to be the quickest to spot all four kiwi fruits.

Dudolf cleverly uses similar colors and shapes to make even the most hawk-eyed challengers struggle to solve it.

At first glance, it’s hard to decide which area of the image is the best place to start searching. 

The birds appear to be looking in different directions and there isn’t an obvious pattern in the way that they have been drawn.

Have you spotted any of the kiwi fruits yet?

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For those who are struggling to differentiate between the kiwi fruits and the birds try taking a closer look at the beaks. 

Dudolf fans have admitted they struggled to find all four of the kiwi fruits. 

One person commented: “It always makes my day to find a new puzzle from you! 

“Those kiwi are shy little rascals, aren’t they?! Loved this as always! Thanks for today's smile and entertainment!”

Another wrote: “The fourth took surprisingly long As always, thanks for the fun!”

A third added: “I had found three, still looking for number four.”

The puzzle is harder to solve than it initially seems.

Hint: Try focusing on the birds on the right side of the image. 

If you still can’t spot the four kiwi fruit, scroll down for the solution below.

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