Airbnb guest left baffled at host's bizarre list of 'kitchen rules'

Airbnb guest baffled by bizarre list of kitchen rules shared by ‘neurotic host’

  • An Airbnb host was slammed for their exhaustive list of rules left in the kitchen
  • The confused guest posted the rules to Reddit, and it left thousands bewildered 
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An Airbnb guest was left bewildered by a regimented set of kitchen rules. 

The guest was issued several strict rules, which included only to use one dish per and glass per meal and was warned to drink the tap water ‘at your own risk’

Sharing their confusion to the subreddit mildly infuriating, the guest wrote: ‘The Airbnb host’s kitchen rules…’ 

The bizarre orders were printed on an A4 piece of paper and, all the more confusingly, were typed in different font sizes and colours. 

An exhaustive list of Airbnb kitchen rules has stunned Reddit users after a bewildered guests shared it on the platform 

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The first rule read: ‘One dish and one glass per meal!’ while underneath read a fine print explanation: ‘We keep it clean and expect you to as well!’

Despite the guest being told to wash their dishes by hand, the host revealed they had a dishwasher in the third rule and warned the lodger not to use it during ‘neighbourhood quiet hours’ between 1:00pm and 2:30pm and 10:00pm and 9:30am.

They wrote: ‘We’ve had numerous complaints about the noise and have respected the neighbourhood quiet hours by not using major electronics.’

Perhaps added after an amateur magician stayed the night, the host warned the guest not to bend their spoons. 

They wrote: ‘Spoons are meant to be used as utensils only.’

Another obscure rule told the guest to get in touch for any ‘advanced cutlery’ and ‘serving trey needs.’

The penultimate item on the agenda told the guest that the ‘Tap water is okay’, yet ominously added to ‘Drink at your own risk’.

The final rule on the list, which has baffled Reddit users read: ‘Do not keep any food in the refrigerator for more than 16 hours. This is for sanitary reasons.’ 

The now-viral post has racked up thousands of comments from users stunned over the exhaustive list of rules. 

One user wrote: ‘I would not feel comfortable in that house. I feel like you’d be on edge the whole time.’

Another added: ‘What’s Airbnb’s refund policy on ‘accidentally booked stay with a neurotic host?’ 

Most were bewildered at the list, questioning the meaning behind ‘advanced cutlery’ and pondering over what previous guests had done to the host’s spoons.  

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