Astrologer shares four zodiac signs that will be luckiest in September 2023

In western astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs all with different personality traits and characteristics. 

Elite writer and resident astrologer Chelsea Jackson shared which four zodiac signs will have a particularly lucky month this September.

There’s a lot going on in the cosmos at the moment; not only is it Virgo season until September 22, Mercury is in retrograde between August 23 and September 15. 

Mercury retrograde can often be associated with mishaps and confusion in communication, news, travel, technology, gossip and information, as reported by Glamour.  

But despite the chaos surrounding this astrological event, Elite’s Chelsea believes that four “luckiest” signs will prosper this month.

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Unsurprisingly, Virgo is set to flourish during Virgo season (August 23 – September 22) as they’re “the main character this month”.

Chelsea suggested that September is the perfect time for this sign to finally focus on themselves – although they may find it difficult.

She said: “Now is an incredibly fortunate time to prioritize yourself and your independent pursuits, but as the problem-solver of the zodiac, you’re bound to busying yourself with tasks outside of your own, too.

“Fortunately, this is the most productive time of the year for you, and you’ll be able to get many things on your to-do list done with ease.”

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Even though life is a little confusing at the minute with Mercury retrograde wreaking havoc, the planet of communication has Virgo’s back.

Gemini will be another lucky star sign in September 2023, according to the astrologer. She implied that they will get a lot of things done this month – although they might not always succeed on their first go.

Chelsea warned: “You’ll be busy getting the affairs regarding your home and family life in order. However, since your chart ruler is retrograde, don’t expect to be able to smooth things over overnight.”

According to the astrologer, Pisces will be lucky this month when it comes to romantic relationships.

Chelsea explained: “As your sister sign, this season is encouraging ways of thinking that you’re not always eager to embrace, but it’s allowing you to improve your dynamics with the people closest to you.”

The astrologer also suggested that Pisces may take a more proactive approach to their relationship this month, looking to help their partner or find solutions for issues between them.

Sagittarius will likely see their luck changing for the better when it comes to their professional life, Chelsea claimed.

She said: “If you’ve been hard at work recently, this transit is bound to bring some of your successes to light.”

The astrologer suggested that this month is the optimum time for Sagittarius to “showcase” their new ideas.

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