Australian living in England reveals why she would 'never move back'

Australian living in England reveals why she would ‘never move back’

  • Australian Rhiannon Cunningham revealed why she’d never move back on TikTok
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An Australian woman living in the UK has explained why she will never move back to her home country.

Rhiannon Cunningham, who has almost 370k followers on TikTok, tackled the topic in a recent video.

In the clip, she revealed she has been living in England for around four years now, and that every time she tells people she’s from Australia, they are shocked about why she would move from there, saying it is so good and they would love to go there.

Speaking in the video, Rhiannon, whose handle on the platform is @rhiannoncunningham, says: ‘I get it, you always want what you can’t have, like a “grass is greener type thing.

‘But you want to know the number one reason I could never move back there?

According to TikTok creator Rhannon Cunningham (pictured) she enjoys living in England as it is so easy to visit other nearby countries 

like sorry i just CANT do it

‘It is because I’m way too attached to my silly little holidays and my little weekend getaways and you just literally cannot do that in Australia.’

She continues, explaining how from England, it’s possible to travel to countries including Spain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and many others in a matter of a couple of hours.

Rhiannon adds: ‘Whereas in Australia, when I used to visit like my grandparents – they live in Queensland, I lived in Sydney – that was one-hour flight and I was still in Australia. 

‘Like I feel like people just don’t get how big it is. I once did the drive from Sydney to  the Gold Coast. It took me 10 hours. 

‘Or, if you want to go from Sydney to Perth…[it] is about a five-hour flight. A five-hour flight to be more Australia. No thank you.’ 

The closest other country, she continues, is. New Zealand, which is still three or four hours away, followed by Bali, which is around seven hours away.

She says: ‘You can’t do it for a weekend…you have to actually commit to go for like a week if you want to do a holiday from Australia. 

‘Whereas here, you literally have Europe on your doorstep. 

The Australian TikTokker (pictured) said that people in England don’t alway realise ‘how good [they] have it’ when it comes to travelling to other coumtries 

‘You can do Sweden, Finland and all that in like three hours, you can do Iceland in a couple hours. Croatia, Greece, if you want something hotter in like three or four hours.

‘Whereas in Australia, you’re literally just trapped. Here [in England], you have so many different cultures and countries on your doorstep. I think even America is like five or six hours away.’

Rhiannon concludes her explanation saying: ‘You have everything here. So why would I want to go back to Australia and be isolated…away from everything?

‘That’s just not for me right now. I love living in England. I love living in Europe. 

‘And you guys just do not understand how good you have it here.’

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