Being an adult star was horrific – I was drugged and saw kids clothes on set

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    A former adult movie star says that the porn industry is “one of the darkest, most degrading, disgusting industries that anyone could ever be exposed to”.

    Samantha Browne went from growing up on the breadline in Lancashire to being showered with cash as a successful porn star.

    But she's now turned her back on the industry, saying she "can't understand" how people watch it when it's "straight-up abuse".

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    She has recalled horrific scenes on set from finding children’s clothes in a porn studio wardrobe to a brutally degraded model “pooing herself” on set.

    In one particularly gruelling scene, she told a male performer that it was hurting her.

    The man said “don't worry, I'll do something for you” and then started strangling her.

    She told podcaster Dodge Woodall: “He choked me out to the point of where I passed out, and I remember coming back around and obviously we was in mid-scene but I had hadn't experienced a lot of the pain …

    “I remember thanking him afterwards, thanking him and saying ‘thank you for choking me out’ and the worst thing about it is that someone's getting their rocks off to that.”

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    Samantha’s story began when she was befriended by an older woman who was a stripper and – as Samantha later discovered – an escort.

    The woman encouraged Samantha, who was still only 17 at the time, to dress in schoolgirl-type clothing and have sex with older men for money.

    She plied Samantha with cannabis and, later, cocaine which helped her deal with what she was doing.

    Samantha, who had grown up in extreme poverty, was seduced by the huge sums of money she was making – around £50 an hour for an adult TV channel and £200 for an hour of escorting.

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    But the exploitation grew even worse when she moved into mainstream porn.

    When she looked into the store of costumes in the porn producer’s wardrobe, she found a “seven-year-old’s shoes – the ones that are glittery and they light up”.

    Samantha said there’s a sick obsession with young performers in porn.

    She continued: “That word ‘teen’ – why this is glorified so much in the adult industry I'll never know. There was a study that was conducted, over 130,000 movies were analysed and teen was the most prominent description that was used throughout their movies .

    “What in the world is going on? why are we promoting this?”

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    She recalled one case where a young woman found a video online that showed her having sex when she was just 15.

    When she applied to have it taken down she was told it “didn’t violate the site’s terms and conditions”.

    She said that while porn performers make a lot of money they are disposable.

    It means they are forced to do more and more extreme things on camera because if they won’t, someone else will come and take their job.

    But Samantha is now out of the industry, and campaigning against the exploitation and abuse she witnessed.

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    And she’s got a stern response for anyone that criticised her, adding: “I worked for Playboy, I worked for Penthouse, I worked for Harmony and Private.

    “But that's the old me. Don’t judge me on my past because I can guarantee if we got everyone's skeletons out the closet they've got a bit of dirt going on in there as well.

    “So they can throw rocks at the glass houses all they want with me mate, but for me my purpose is bigger than any of the people that want to try and pick holes in my story.”

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