Bikini model shares three second transformation to show how quick body changes

A body positivity model has been praised for her latest upload online.

Karina Irby is no stranger to flashing the flesh online and boosting positive vibes among her fans.

She boasts a massive following of 1.2million admirers on Instagram where she shares her incredible energy.

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The bikini designer usually shares candid posts and her latest upload is certainly no different.

In a short clip to her millions, Karina showed her "three second body transformation".

Her caption read: "Three second body transformation…

"This 11 second clip is a prime example of why you should NEVER compare yourself to other people's highlights online."

She added: "Even the most photogenic humans have their awkward in-between moments, it's not just you.

"You're so beautiful just the way you are."

In the video, Karina posed comfortably as she flicked her hair and instantly showed off a more posed stance.

She looked happy in both clips and encouraged followers to believe how beautiful they are.

Since the post was shared on Friday morning, it racked up thousands of likes and comments.

One wrote: "Girl thank you so much for posting this! Keep it up you are so inspiring!

"And just remember you are stunning no matter what any haters say!

"They are just jealous of your confidence and beauty!"

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Another added: "No complaints either way," a third commented: "Thank you for this."

And a fourth chimed in: "You're truly gorgeous Karina, an incredible woman on so many levels hun."

Karina is no stranger to flashing the flesh to prove a point as previously she proudly flaunted her cellulite and dimples.

She told how she's been lifting weights three times a week where she's burning fat and building muscle.

The model added: "And I still have cellulite.

"It's extremely unfortunate that people identify cellulite as being unhealthy. But I identify cellulite as being alive.

"It's kind of funny when you think about it…"

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