Britains most tattooed dad shares two questions hes sick of hearing

‘Britain’s most tattooed dad’ is used to getting stared at in the street.

People constantly approach Keith Gordon to ask about his alternative appearance – but there are some questions he's tired of answering.

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The body art fan, from Hornchurch in Essex, told Daily Star that his least favourite question is “did that hurt?”

He replied: “I just will not answer that any more. Just obviously it hurts.Yes, it did hurt. What more can I say.”

Keith, 67, also says it’s “very boring” when strangers say things like “I bet that cost a lot of money, didn’t it”.

While he’s lost count of how much he’s spent over the years, he knows it’s in the thousands.

So if you’re planning to strike up conversation with the dad in public, make sure you’re armed with more creative comments.

He added: “What I would like is people asking ‘who’s the artist that did that?’

“Or ‘what studio did you go to for that one?’ Or ‘what do you call that sort of style?”

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Keith got his first tattoos at 17, but underwent several skin grafts four years later to remove them.

He then lived tattoo-free until he was 52 when he suddenly decided he missed his old body art.

So he went back to the tattoo parlour to reinvent himself but this time took the look to new extremes.

From having body art removed as a young man, Keith went full circle – tattooing most of his body, even his eyelids.

Fifteen years later, there is now next to no skin left for him to cover.

Keith "enjoys the attention" of being heavily inked and doesn't plan on stopping any time soon.

He added: "I'm still getting tattooed every month or so and I've got gaps I'd like to fill in.

"When you've got as many tattoos as I do, you only see the gaps, you don't see the tattoos.

"You only want to fill them as the gaps stand out.

"So I'm just in the process of filling them in until I feel complete."

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