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WITH the recent release of the iPhone 15, we're starting to see more and more affordable iPhone 14 deals, and Vodafone is offering a fantastic one at just £32p/m.

For £62 upfront and £32 a month, you're getting your hands on Apple's extremely popular 2022 release, the iPhone 14 and a whopping 100GB of data that anyone will struggle to eat through.

  • Phone 14, 100GB data, £32p/m, £62 upfront – buy from often has great deals on the latest phones, so it's worth a look around the site if you're more of a Samsung or Google Pixel user, as you're bound to find a deal that fits the bill.

For anyone in the market for a new phone, now is the perfect time to grab one of the more recent Apple flagship devices, as the prices have been lowered due to the recent release of the 15.

This tariff is specifically for their refurbished iPhone 14s. However, they're checked and tested by professionals to ensure you're getting the device you pay for.



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On top of that, refurbs from also come with a 12-month warranty, and should the device have a fault within the first month, they'll swap it for a replacement and if its after this the phone is covered by free fixes until the warranty ends.

If you're still a bit uncertain about shopping refurbished, check out our tech guide on where to buy refurbished by Deals Writer Matthew Breen.

Just because it's not the newest phone doesn't mean you're not getting a great deal, as Apple devices are always filled with reliable tech we've come to know and love.

The massive 100GB data allowance is a fantastic draw for anyone who has a little too much daily screen time, and even if you're not one of those people, it's always better to have more than be Wi-Fi hopping while out and about. Plus, who wants to have to ask for a hotspot?

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Since there's a new Apple device every year, nobody can blame you for not keeping up with what this one is capable of, so here's a quick look under the hood.

The 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display mirrors that of the iPhone 14 Pro. The Super Retina display simply means 'it’s a pixel-dense screen with high contract, good brightness and a wide range of colours'.

Because of its 20 hours of video playback and all-day battery life, you don't have to worry about it dying on you at crucial moments streaming your favourite show or having an important Facetime conference.

With its ceramic protection and water resistance, among other industry-leading durability characteristics, the smartphone is made to last, so you're not forced to find a new device every year.

For anyone after a hands-on experience before they sign up for a contract, Tech Editor Sean has an iPhone 14 review for more information.

  • Phone 14, 100GB data, £32p/m, £62 upfront – buy from

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