Christmas ribbon nails are trending – and its the perfect festive manicure design

By now you probably know just how important it is to pick the right manicure at the right time, especially when it comes to the festive period.

Make your appointment too early, and you’ll risk them being grown out or breaking before Christmas Day has even rolled around – too late, and you’ll be stuck with Christmas-themed nails long into December.

Picking the right festive design is also key to making sure your nails will go with just about any outfit whilst still bringing you a little bit of holiday cheer, which is why the trending Christmas ribbon nail trend is exactly what you should be asking for at your next manicure.

The adorable design has been flooding TikTok and Instagram in various forms, from statement nail art to subtle additions to a classic French manicure, and it’s the perfect way to add a chic, understated festive twist to your nails.

Rather than all-out artwork, the Christmas ribbon nails involve painting a delicate bow on your nails, with people opting for everything from a stand out red colour to a barely-there white shade, proving just how versatile the design is.

TikTok userYodeebsopted for a classic oval-shaped French manicure with an intricate red bow painted on the white tip of her ring finger, with followers commenting: “Perfection” and “Tutorial on the bow please!”

Inanother video, Yodeebs showed how to do a much more minimalist version of the trend, opting for a classic pink block colour base before hand painting a white bow on her ring finger using a nail art brush similar to the Saviland Nail Art Brushes Set, £8.99 here (was £11.99).

To do the bow, Yodeebs simply painted two small white circles side by side, before adding a trailing line on each side to give the illusion of a ribbon, proving just how easy the design is to do at home.

She also finished off the look by adding a small gem to the middle of the bow which gave it some subtle Christmas sparkle, which you can copy with this handy kit from Amazon, with the Canvalite 1500PCS Rhinestones in 6 Sizes, £8.99 here, including everything you need to give your nails some added sparkle.

Another TikToker,Laraa.gro, also showed off her new Christmas ribbon nails, which also had an oval French manicure design, although she’d opted to add thin white bow art to the tip of each nail on the line between the white tip and nude base.

Meanwhile, over on Instagram, influencerRebecca Oliviaalso shared her recent festive ribbon nails which included more intricate, 3D designs on a nude base, with different versions of ribbons scattering her nails painted using a silver polish similar toH&M’s £3.99 silver nail varnish.

One nail featured three bows in a row, whilst another had a full nail dedicated to an oversized bow. A third also included the more traditional version of a silver tip with a bow on it, with followers commenting things like “Obsessed” and “Dreamy” on the designs.

It’s official – Christmas ribbon nails are the manicure that just keeps on giving.

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