Crazily accurate optical illusion shows if youre hardworking and perseverant

A personality test has gone viral on social media after challenging people’s perceptions with a mind-boggling image to reveal their character traits.

TikTok user Mia Yilin shared the mind-bending imagery to analyse the inner workings of her viewer’s minds, leaving many of them baffled.

The optical illusion can supposedly determine whether you are a persevering and hard-working character based on what you spot first.

It depicts a village path and hundreds of pebble stones, that confuse the eyes.

If you first saw the stones, then your life and work haven’t been going the smoothest lately,” Mia notes in the clip. “You’ve encountered a lot of disappointment and unexpected challenges.

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TikTok claims that in the upcoming month, these people are bound to see their luck change, Not suddenly but gradually.

“You tend to have pessimistic thoughts and fail to give yourself the recognition and praise you deserve,” she added.

Meanwhile if you you first saw the path leading up to the houses, you are a very perseverent and hardworking person, according to Mia.

She continued: “You’ve gone through a lot of hardship that few people know about and those events have hardened you emotionally.”

These people always have the best intentions but are painfully misunderstood, which can cause them great annoyance in life.

“Good things are coming your way and you must make sure you’re in your best state to receive them,” noted the content creator.

The post was swamped with more than 26,1000 likes and hundreds of comments from TikTok users thanking Yilin for the accuracy of her analysis.

“100% accurate,” wrote one viewer, while another pondered: “Why are [these] things so accurate?”

Addressing the content creator, one viewer admitted: “[You] been predicting my life with 99 percent accuracy.”

While a third person chimed in: “These always cheer me up.”

“Every single video of yours is spot on. it’s actually crazy,” said one viewer.

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